It’s Time To Pay Mike Gesicki!

Miami Dolphins News 5/28/21: Mike Gesicki Not Worried About New Contract -  The Phinsider

It’s time to move past this foolish nonsense with Xavien Howard wanting more money, in fact the Dolphins would be better served by taking care of the players who have a future with this team. There’s no more deserving of a player to be given the next contract extension than Mike Gesicki he is truly a rising star, homegrown talent (drafted by Miami) that the Dolphins can’t let it get away

Mike Gesicki has become a valuable member of this team he’s one of the top Tight Ends in the league and he’s just 25 years old, Miami drafted Mike Gesicki in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft (pick number 42) and since he’s been with Miami he’s improved every year and now he is a rising star amongst TE’s in the NFL. The Dolphin signed him to 4 year $6.61 million contract that included $3.66 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $2.88 million dollars as a rookie. He had a somewhat pedestrian rookie season that ended with 22 receptions for 202 receiving yards.

In 2019 with the help of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gesicki blew up as he played the complete 16 games, started five games and ended up with 451 receptions and 570 yards and five touchdowns in 2019.

In 2020 Gesicki once again had a great season, it was the first time in his career that he had 100+ receiving yards in a single game against the Buffalo Bills, he also had a good game against the Kansas City Chiefs with five reception for 65 yards and two touchdowns, unfortunately both those games with losses. All together Gesicki ended up in 2020 playing 15 games, nine starts, 53 Receptions and 703 yards with a 70 yard reception his longest of his professional career as well as six touchdowns.

Even though the Dolphins have great depth at the TE position, I can’t see them allowing Mike Gesicki to get away, he’s the very essence of what they talk about doing with their players, drafting and developing good players, so now it’s time for Gesicki to get paid! I would love to see that happen before the season starts, but at the very least definitely before the season ends! Don’t be like past regimes that waited too late to pay their young drafted players and allowed them to get away! Now is the time in my opinion to tie Mike Gesicki up for another 3 to 5 years.

What will the Dolphins be looking at for Mike Gesicki to have the kind a contract that would be satisfactory for all involved?

NFL’s highest paid tight ends (average salary per year):

  • 1. 49ers TE George Kittle: $15 million
  • 2.  Chiefs TE Travis Kelce: $14.3 million
  • 3. Patriots TE Jonnu Smith: $12.5 million
  • 3. Patriots TE Hunter Henry: $12.5 million
  • 5. Browns TE Austin Hooper: $10.5 million
  • 6. Eagles TE Zach Ertz: $8.5 million
  • 7. Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski: $8 million
  • 7. Bears TE Jimmy Graham: $8 million
  • 9. Raiders TE Darren Waller: $7.5 million
  • 10. Rams TE Tyler Higbee: $7.3 million

I added the top 10 highest paid TE’s together and divided by 10 and it comes out to 10.4 million per year, I can see that as a base to start talking contract extension for Gasicki.

I also added the top three highest paid TE’s in the game and divided by three and it comes up around a little over 56 million dollars per contract, so I can see a deal of 3-5 years at 10-15 million a year with 3 or under at 15 million a year and 4-5 at 10-12 million a year.

Free agent Hunter Henry was given a three-year, $37.4 million deal with the Patriots. Henry’s deal includes a $15 million signing bonus and he has $24 million guaranteed — with a cap hit of $6.88 million on 2021.

Me personally I would love to see them sign him to a five-year deal between 10 and 15 million a year as I see his potential and growth going through the roof and hopefully he can be their security blanket for Tua as our speedy receivers open up the middle of the field for Mike Gesicki to improve on his stats.


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