It’s Tua’s Playbook Now!

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There’s been this big uproar over what Tua Tagovailoa said in his recent video conference with the media but if you read between the lines, it’s what he did not say and the reason why he didn’t say it that matters more.

There’s going to be haters and there are a few people who are more positive, it’s obvious that I’m on the more positive side of anything when it comes to the Dolphins and in particular, I have become more of a Tua fan because of the unfair criticism that’s been dealt upon this young man after his rookie season. I am digging in with our young QB!

It’s what he did not say or do in that interview that people fail to recognize, what he did was fall on the sword for everybody last year, from the OC to the players he owned up to his responsibility and faults and did not go into the pointing fingers at others even though he could have.

What do I mean?

Well, here’s what I mean, the reality is last year’s playbook and last year’s OC Chan Gailey as well as last year’s offense was designed for Ryan Fitzpatrick, there was nothing about last year’s scheme that was a good fit for Tua Tagovailoa who was surprisingly thrown into the mix in week 7, at the time I felt to early but in hindsight I’m glad it happened, the reason why is because it gave Tua nine games of experience he can reflect on and learn from. I’m pretty sure that’s been a driving factor in his off-season workouts to improve. What is great to know is that we no longer have Chan Gailey, Ryan Fitzpatrick or last year’s playbook.

Now this team’s offense is being designed specifically for Tua, you do not think that the playbook that they’re developing isn’t designed specifically for Tua? And the schemes they are implementing are more associated with what’s best for Tua? Like what his strengths are? Even bringing in some plays from his college playbook and other things into play to Accentuate his positives and  Eliminate his negatives? You see how I added my motto there? 😊

This season Tua Tagovailoa will be playing with his own playbook one designed specifically for him as well as having weapons that he did not have last year which will improve the passing and the running game. The point is that now Tua will be more comfortable and be ready to ball out!

I still can’t forget the Arizona game last year and how he played, if we get more of that on a regular basis the Dolphins will have no concerns at the quarterback position and it’s a great possibility that this kid will get the Dolphins in the playoffs if not to the Super Bowl before his rookie contract is up and that my friends would be the best case scenario for the Miami Dolphins.

Tua’s Best Game of The 2020 Season

That means the Dolphins will not have to go out and sign an $100 million Dollar free agent QB to come in and help this team compete for a championship because they already have a young dynamic franchise quarterback they can continue to utilize up to and throughout his rookie contract.

That is why I have no concerns about Tua Tagovailoa and his future with the Miami Dolphins because I actually believe after looking back at his rookie season I see his decision making, his unwillingness to throw interceptions when he was not comfortable throwing 50/50 balls, if you think about it, out of his five interceptions last year three of them were in the last game when he threw 58 passes against the Buffalo Bills in a game that the whole team laid an egg, especially our defense!

Now that Tua has his own playbook this year, this is when we can fairly judge our young QB and the product that he puts out on the field, I’m still not one of those saying his second season should be a make or break season because I still think he should be allowed 3 to 4 seasons to be fairly judged as to whether or not this team needs to find someone else at the quarterback position. I just don’t want another 7 years of still wondering if we have the right QB like we did with Tannehill.

I am looking forward to this year, to see how things unfold. I have a good feeling that the Dolphins will be extremely comfortable with who they have at the quarterback position especially since now this offense is TaylorMade for Tua, hopefully he will take advantage of his opportunity. Having a playbook, offense and added weapons will give our young QB what he needs to succeed and we can rest assure that Tua is doing all he can to take that next jump in year two!

How do you feel about the current position the Dolphins find themselves in at quarterback?


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