Why Tua Tagovailoa Should Have Won Rookie Of The Year!

How can Dolphins most help Tua Tagovailoa in 2021 based on 2020 play?

Tua Tagovailoa after admitting he was both uncomfortable and lacked a full knowledge of the playbook in his rookie season just gave more proof of his amazing rookie season, despite his not being fully aware of a playbook that was Taylor made for Ryan Fitzpatrick and an OC who was like a father to Fitzpatrick, Tua still went 6-3 as a starter, passed for over 1,800 yards completed 64% of his passes, threw 11 TD’s and 5 INt’s, rushed for 109 yards and had a QBR of 87.1. mind you not fully comfortable in the system!

So, knowing the state he was in last season, let’s not forget coming off a major hip injury just less than a year before his rookie season and yes that Covid-19 thing, that eliminated rookie minicamp, eliminated OTA’s and eliminated Pre-Season games, how amazing was his rookie season when you consider all that?

Tua’s refreshing candor has led to all kinds of debates (STAGED TO RILE FOLKS UP) if he should have been so forth coming and I am sure it will lead to more criticism once he loses a game or two this upcoming 2021 season.

But as is ALWAYS the case on TDS, I have a positive spin on this whole issue and that is where I am headed! Stay with me here!!!!

I keep harping back to the best game of the season for Tua and that was his matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, a game where he went toe to toe as a ROOKIE against one of the most dynamic young QB’s (Kyler Murray) who happened to be in his 2nd season and was basically hard to stop even with our top defense and our 2 highest paid CB’s in the NFL, Murry threw for 283 yards and 3 TD’s and had Tua not kept pace by throwing for 242 yards and 2 TD’s the Dolphins would not have come away with a win that day.

Or what about when Tua kept pace with last year’s Rookie of the year Justin Herbert in another win vs the Chargers when Herbert threw for 187 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 Int vs Tua who threw for 169 yards, 2 TD’s and ZERO Int’s?

Or how about when Tua rushed for 2 TD’s and beat the Patriots last December? You know what makes that game so special? Those same Patriots two weeks earlier totally embarrassed, shut down and shut out the Chargers and their rookie sensation 45-0?

Taking all this and more into account, I say we need a recall on the rookie of the year voting because if Tua in his rookie season after admitting he was playing BLINDFOLDED and still did all that! Who really had the best Rookie season at QB?

Just imagine what Tua will do now that the team has surrounded him with the weapons to help him succeed (Fuller and Waddle) and the Dolphins have NOT ONE but TWO OC’s who are creating a playbook designed NOT FOR FITZPATRICK but for Tua and he no longer have Ryan Fitpatrick waiting to be a relief pitcher , with a full offseason, training camp and preseason games, as well as more time to practice with his receivers and fellow offensive teammates as well as a better handle on the playbook and the knowledge he gained from the 9 games he started in 2020.

Well, I’ll just say I have the utmost confidence in our young QB, and I see nothing but blue skies ahead!

And with this positive spin…Enjoy your Holiday weekend!


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