The Value Of Jakeem Grant In 2021

Miami Dolphins 90-in-90 roster breakdown 2019: Jakeem Grant - The Phinsider

For some it is a foregone conclusion that Jakeem Grant will be cut or traded sometime before the season starts, I on the other hand feel that would be a huge mistake because he brings too much value to the team to be trying to save a couple million dollars by cutting him.

What value does he bring? Jakeem Grant is one of the top punt returners 4th in the league, he also helps the Dolphins by not having to use Jaylen Waddle or Jevon Holland in the return game, quite frankly I would prefer that they don’t put those two young players in on special teams when you have one of the better returners in the game on the roster.

I love Jakeem Grant, he has heart, he has fire and he’s a competitor, unfortunately because of his small demeanor he’s also been injured and a few times last year he dropped some critical passes they could’ve helped keep drives alive and maybe even scored a touchdown or two more.

Even though he has his faults, he brings so much value to the return game for the Dolphins that I think it’s worth keeping him on this roster this year.

The Dolphins are loaded at the wide receiver position and hopefully they are looking to trade one or two of them to reduce the load and also get some value back from players other than the two new receiver that’s just been added to the roster. I do not think anyone’s off the table when it comes to trading, and we know GM Chris Grier is a wheeler and dealer.

One of my most popular articles I’ve written recently was entitled Time To Make Devante Parker Irrelevant it’s received more hits than just about any article I’ve written this year, that’s because that’s exactly what Miami needed to do and exactly what they did do because Devante Parker has been so unreliable and so inconsistent despite all the talent that he has. In fact, he might draw the greatest value in a trade of all the wide outs on the team.

Now that the Dolphins have upped the ante at the wide receiver position, Devante Parker can either shine and excel in 2021 or he could be on the trading block. The good thing is that the Dolphins are no longer 100% dependent upon him to carry this offense at the receiver position when you have a young Jaylen Waddle an extremely fast and exceptionally good receiver in Will Fuller.

That’s why Jakeem Grant brings value and is worth keeping because of the things I listed above and for those of you chomping at the bit to see Grant get cut before seasons start, I am on the other end of the spectrum. Maybe they can restructure his contract asking him to take a pay cut and try and make it up through incentives.

What do you think will Jakeem Grant make the roster this year?

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2 thoughts on “The Value Of Jakeem Grant In 2021”

  1. He is a top return man and I would hope they can find a way to keep him even if it means taking a pay cut.

  2. If Grant is part of the team, he should be use only as a P/K returner. Even on those plays I get nervous when the ball hits hands.

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