Michael Deitier It’s Time To Get Off The Pot!

Dolphins' Michael Deiter stays positive despite demotion - South Florida  Sun-Sentinel
Time To Win A Starting Role!

If you do a search on Michael Deitier in my search engine the only thing you will find is my yearly welcome to all our rookies (See Here) Other than that he has been invisible. He’s the forgotten man and he’s going into his third year and up until this day he has not lived up to expectations, now that the Dolphins have found more competition along the offensive line Michael Deiter is going to be in a fight for his life to make this roster.

He was drafted in round three and the 2019 NFL draft, pick number 78, out of the university of Wisconsin. If you look at his scouting report, he was rated as a very good lineman with hardly any issues but for some reason he’s not stepped up to the plate or lived up to expectations in Miami and this just might be the last year if he makes it through camp that he’ll have a chance to do so.

Michael Deiter Scouting Report: By The Draft Network

Run Blocking – Does well to find leverage points, fit his hands, accelerate his feet and create movement. Excellent power in his lower half to turn defenders out of their gap. Has the size, power and functional athleticism to win as a drive blocker and on the move.

Pass Blocking – Technically refined pass blocker with good foot speed, timing with his punch and the ability to stay square. Has a powerful anchor to absorb contact and maintain the depth of the pocket. Experience playing tackle lends itself favorably to mirroring rushers on the interior.

Blocking in Space – Highly effective worker on the move to hit blocks on the perimeter and climbing to the second level. Consistently arrives on schedule and connects with moving targets. Controlled and balanced mover in space.

Power – Has a finishers mentality with good power throughout his frame, particularly in his core and legs. Has the pop in his hands to stun rushers. Grip strength is only modest once the clamps are set but it’s likely and issues stemming from his modest length.  

IQ – Highly experienced in a pro style offense. Has played extensively at guard, center and tackle. Alert in pass protection, keeping his head on a swivel and reacts appropriately to pressure packages. Timing in the run game is precise. Technique is as expected for a 54-game starter.

Feet – Smooth footwork and does well to reach his set points to frame rushers. Keeps his feet moving through contact as a drive blocker. Sets a consistent based with the appropriate width to win.

Hands – Punch is compact, powerful and well-timed. Works to establish and re-establish his hand fits. Doesn’t have ideal length so he does work overtime to keep his hands placed. There are times on tape that he is out reached and opponents are able to work into his frame and challenge his anchor.

Balance – Controlled and smooth operator in every aspect. Functions with good posture and weight distribution, rarely getting caught over-extended. Plays with good bend, leverage and consistency setting his base.

Versatility – Rare experience playing so many different positions extensively and performing well but his best fit comes at offensive guard in the NFL. Should be a productive run blocker, pass blocker and on the move.

BEST TRAIT – Versatility



They say that the offensive line is one of the hardest positions to develop in the NFL and it takes some folks years to really get it, hopefully for Dieter this is the year he will finally get it, or he will no longer be on the Dolphins roster because of the stiff competition along the offensive line.

I always root for anybody the Dolphins draft to succeed, obviously it is never 100% that they will but for some reason I have a feeling that Michael Deiter just might find a way to make it on the final roster in 2021 what do you think?

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