Miami Dolphins 2019 NFL Draft Grade

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Gaskin The Biggest Success Of The 2019 Draft Class?

As you know I try not to grade the most recent Draft because it takes time for the players to develop, there should be about a 3-to-4-year window to properly assess these young players, only time will tell whether Miami made the right choices.

Let us look at the first draft of the Chris Grier/Brian Flores era and grade who they drafted in the 2019 draft. Now keep in mind these players are just entering their 3rd year and some still have time to reward Miami for drafting them.

2019 Miami Dolphins Draft Class

  1. Christian Wilkins (Hit)
  2. Michael Deiter (Jury Still out/showing some promise)
  3. Andrew Van Ginkel (Hit)
  4. Isaiah Prince (No longer on the team)
  5. Chandler Cox (No longer on the team)
  6. Myles Gaskin (Hit/pleasent surprise)

So, looking at the list there were six players drafted and out of the six players 4 are still on a team One is a free agent Chandler Cox and the other Isaiah prince plays for Cincinnati

Assessing this draft in 2019 the Dolphins did a pretty decent job, I would give them a B- and the reason why it’s not a C+ is because of the success of Myles Gaskin he was drafted in the seventh round that’s a good story to hang onto even though I am disappointed that the Dolphins did not take one of the top running backs in the last two drafts to be a complement to Myles Gaskin.

A bonus was UDFA Preston Williams who has proven when healthy that he should have been drafted in the mid round of 2019. Kudos to Dolphins scouting team identifying him. These players are the foundation, the building blocks that Miami’s management Chris Grier and Brian Flores will continue to build on in the next few seasons.

It is quite apparent that Brian Flores and Chris Grier have a very good working relationship and they seem to be on the same page  building this team, all to the benefit of us fans.

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