Is Tua The Foundation?

Tua Tagovailoa's leis will raise money for his new charity – The Athletic
Is Tua On A Solid Foundation?

All signs point to the fact that Miami is 100% committed to Tua as their QB of the future and I could not agree more. Despite so many writing him off after his rookie season, Miami’s management has doubled down in their trust of Tua and rightfully so.

There are many people outside the building throwing rocks at our young 2nd year quarterback while inside the building the Dolphins are doing an excellent job providing him with the tools he needs to be successful and give him the confidence as the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

After allowing Ryan Fitzpatrick to move on and bringing in veteran quarterback Jacoby Bresette is also a move that should instill confidence in Tua. Miami has also given Tua some more weapons, these weapons provide an element of speed that was missing in Tua’s rookie season.

Everything that could have been done (minus drafting a top teir RB over the last few seasons) has been done and hopefully that will propell Tua to that next level in his 2nd season.

Is Tua on a Solid Foundation?

How stable is Tua’s position as Miami’s starting QB? That is a question that will be answered this season. Last season during Tua’s rookie season he was benched twice due to his poor performances in the games against the Raiders and Denver, while some questioned the benching, I felt it was the right move given the circumstances the Dolphins were in. Remember this team was very close to making the playoffs and Brian Flores had an obligation to do whatever he could to try and make the playoffs, even if that ment benching Tua.

Is he or is he not a baller? He better be because there will be immense pressure for Tua to deliver in his 2nd year because there are options out there that will come into play if he does not. This season is different and if Miami decides to bench Tua this upcoming season than his stability as Miami’s QB will be in jepordy and here is the reason why. There are two QB that might be on the move either this season or next season as both the Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers and Houston’s pro bowl QB Deshawn Watson are most likely on the move.

Miami is forever linked with both players with Deshawn Watson being the popular choice as he is just 25 years old and with his offseason troubles comming close to a resolution and Houston seemingly more willing to move on than it is possiable that a switch can be made. I still stick with my position on this issue I will trust whatever decision Miami’s management will make because Miami’s current management and head coach has earned our trust.

My Hopes

If you have followed me for a while you know I did not want Miami to draft Tua because I felt they should have tried and develop Josh Rosen more and they should have focused on drafting a different position with the pick than Tua, but as I always do I embraced the pick once he was chosen. What els can I do?

That is why I want Tua to ball out this year! I want him to push back on Miami looking to bring in Watson or Rodgers if Tua struggles this year, don’t mistake Miami’s silence on those rumors that persist that the Dolphins are looking into aquiring one of those top teir QB’s avaiable on the market, because the Dolphins are keeping their eyes on the situations.

So this 2nd year for Tua is very critical for him because he needs to step up and prove those doubters wrong and play to the level we all are hoping for. I know I have seen enough to want Tua as Miami’s QB for years to come because I stll recall the game against the Cardinals last year where he kept pace with Kyler Murry in what was one of the best games last year in Miami’s win 34-31.

That was the game that convinced me that we have our QB of the future and it’s just a matter of developing him and allowing him ample time to grow and if I were in charge I would not make his second season a make or break season. I feel a young QB needs 3-4 years of development before you start to look for their replacement.

Hopefully Tua will solitify his position and prove to be the foundation for Miami for the forseeable future.

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2 thoughts on “Is Tua The Foundation?”

  1. I hope so because I really like the kid and feel way too much pressure is being put on him too early.

  2. Seen some videos of him working lately….he’s bulked up, moving well, and throwing ropes….think he’s going to bring it this season

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