Thank You Bobby McCain!

Miami Dolphins release team captain, starting safety Bobby McCain

It is painful to lose some veteran players as this teams continues in their rebuild, on the other hand I look forward to the departure of others… (CB XH).

Bobby McCain was a very loyal player; he did the best he could but the reality is he’s not the right person for the Safety position and in order for this team to advance and not be subject to getting shredded like they did in Buffalo the last game of the season in 2020 the Dolphins had no choice but to upgrade.

Some people are complaining about the decision to move on from McCain and are painting HC Brian Flores as coldhearted and cruel, let us think about this for a second… do not we all want the same thing? Brian Flores is all about one thing building a winner because that is his responsibility as the Head Coach!

What surprises me More than anything is how clueless some of these so-called amateur Dolphin experts who get way too much recognition from our lazy Dolphins beat writers from the Herald and Sun Sentinel and even nationally with their opinions about the team, as if their opinion holds that much weight.

Many expressed their surprise when Miami drafted S J Holland (great name 😊) and had no clue that the Dolphins would be picking a Safety early in the draft, when all they had to do is read my blog as I have been hinting of that possibility since November of 2020 when I wrote  Are The Dolphins Safe at Safety?  because safety from my perspective was one of our biggest weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball, we had two cornerbacks who were converted into safeties. To me that is just not acceptable, and I knew they would eventually have to look to replace them.

Now we have two young safeties on the team Brandon Jones who is drafted last year in the third round and Jevon Holland who is drafted this year and second round. They are the future and are two young puppies that will grow into their positions and hopefully man that position for the next 10 to 12 years for the Dolphins.

So, even though it is never easy to lose a player that we like, and I did like Bobby McCain, I also knew the reality was he was not the long-term answer at that position.

That brings me to the next issue I have with some of these fans who want to paint Brian Flores as some cruel monster when he’s only doing his job, we can’t continue to allow our feelings for certain veteran players to override the fact that we need to continue to upgrade this team if we want to ever have a championship team and that we should be grateful to have Brian Flores and GM Chris Grier because we finally have competent people in place.

Instead of sitting back and throwing rocks at our current management (HC & GM) many of you should be incredibly happy and enthusiastic about the direction of this team is headed and its future.

You cannot have it both ways, you cannot want a team to win championships and at same time keep the same players that have been part of mediocrity for quite some time, change is inevitable every year in the NFL and hopefully for Miami that change is for the better.

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1 thought on “Thank You Bobby McCain!”

  1. I’ll miss Bobby as well…..but I get it…was thinking they would have moved him to slot corner, but it looks like that is going to be Iggy’s job now.

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