Puppies Vs Dogs

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The Dolphins are amid a rebuild, at the same time they have found a way to balance rebuilding with winning games (10-6 last year) that in itself has been an amazing feat.

The Dolphins are two-three years ahead of anybody in their thinking and that’s a credit to the management staff that we have, when you look at the roster the amazing thing about it is that they still will be one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Miami will most likely win more games than they lose this year and with a bounty of future draft over the next two years, GM Chris Grier continues to transform this team into a perineal contender.

This is a story about Puppies vs Dogs.

This Dolphins team is loaded with a bunch of Puppies, all 25 years old or younger:

CBNoah Igbinoghene21
Jaelan Phillips
Jevon Holland
TAustin Jackson21
Gerrid Doaks
Jaylen Waddle
RBSalvon Ahmed22
Larnel Coleman
Hunter Long
CTyler Gauthier23
CBTino Ellis23
DENick Coe23
DEJonathan Ledbetter23
DTRaekwon Davis23
DTBenito Jones23
GSolomon Kindley23
OT Liam Eichenberg
QBTua Tagovailoa23
SBrandon Jones23
TJonathan Hubbard23
WRLynn Bowden Jr.23
C/GMichael Deiter24
CBTerrell Bonds24
CBJavaris Davis24
CBNik Needham24
DETyshun Render24
DEJason Strowbridge24
G/TRobert Hunt24
LBJerome Baker24
LBKylan Johnson24
LSBlake Ferguson24
LSRex Sunahara24
QBReid Sinnett24
RBMyles Gaskin24
RB/WRMalcolm Perry24
SBrian Cole24
WRKirk Merritt24
WRPreston Williams24
CCameron Tom25
DTZach Sieler25
DTChristian Wilkins25
KJason Sanders25
LBAndrew Van Ginkel25
RBPatrick Laird25
RBJordan Scarlett25
TECethan Carter25
TEMike Gesicki25
TEChris Myarick25
TEDurham Smythe25

From Rookies to Veteran players Miami’s roster is young and the competition from within will be fierce, at the same time it will force these young players to step up to the challenge and earn playing time.

There is no better example than our young puppy quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who is getting way too much pressure put on his shoulders, especially during his rookie season and now some are even ratcheting up the pressure as if he doesn’t meet expectations in his 2nd season that Miami should start the search for the next potential franchise QB that all 32 teams are relentlessly in pursuit of.

I do not get the bugs up the butts of certain people like NFL networks Peter Schrager who seems to be the biggest critic of Tua and like many who wants to compare a puppy to a dog. Last year with veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as our starter there’s no way in the world anyone could expect a rookie to outperform a veteran quarterback of 17 years who was in a system that he’s totally comfortable with one in which he played in for 10 years or more, add to that Fitzpatrick had been with the Dolphins for at least a full season before Tua was drafted.

But that is what happened last year to our young quarterback in his rookie season, many were trying to pit a puppy against a fully mature dog, Tua Vs Fitzpatrick was just not a fair comparison. Ryan has 17 years in league, we know what he is, he’s not going to get any better his ceiling has already been reached a long time ago.

Tua Tagovailoa’s ceiling has not yet been scratched, he has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL over the next 3 to 4 years even though some want to put pressure that it must be this year, I find that asinine. I did a breakdown of the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s rookie season and his development into one of the top QB’s in the NFL.

Josh Allen had a pedestrian rookie season as shown below.

Josh Allen Rookie stats:

CMP% 52.8YDS 2,074TD 10INT 12QBR 67.9

Compare that to Tua’s Rookie season:

CMP% 64.1YDS 1,814TD 11INT 5QBR 87.1

When comparing the two who can argue that Tua had the better rookie season?

That is a better way of judging Tua than to pit him against a “Wiley Veteran” like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Three years later Josh Allen was in the hunt for offensive player of the year award after throwing for 4,544 yards and 37 TD’s! I am not saying Tua will get to that point, but we cannot discount him doing so either.

So I am not ready to make Tua Tagovailoa disposable if his second season is not up to the standards of what some people are putting on this kid, do I hope he lives up to expectations, yes I do, at the same time I’m also realistic to know that on the professional level the QB position is the most difficult to learn/master, unfortunately those drafted early in the draft tend to get too much pressure put on them out the gate.

From Dolphins head coach Brian Flores , GM Chris Greer as well as owner Stephen Ross I see people who are well balanced and are making the right assessment of their roster and knows how to develop players, I have no doubt that Tua will be successful in the NFL, I just don’t want people to prematurely judge him while he’s still a puppy, allow him to grow into the full-fledged dog he will become.

I don’t feel that we should be concerned about Tua until his fourth season and by then he and the other puppies that the Dolphins have been loading this team up with will be fully grown and this team will be hard to beat. Then Miami will have some Dogs that will not dissappoint!

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