The Gamblers

Three Mental Game Lessons Taught by Kenny Rogers "The Gambler" |

No, I am not talking about Kenny Rogers even though I love that song and I love Kenny Rogers and not ashamed to admit it! 😉

The Dolphins have two gamblers and they have made Miami an exciting team to follow the last couple of years. Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier has been phenomenal, he is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. There is no doubt about it, this team ever since Grier hit the reset button, has been extremely exciting to follow.

As a lifelong Dolphins fan since the age of 9 in 1971 (where many of you were not even born) I can tell you I’ve had no greater pleasure in the off-season then these last few years and even the anticipation up to 2023 (if it’s Gods will I still be here on this earth) I expect this Dolphins team with the gamblers that we have to be the talk of the NFL, and eventually the other gambler HC Brian Flores will work his magic on their way to the playoffs.

They are a match made in heaven, a perfect match of two personalities that have blended well to take on this Dolphins rebuild and having proven success they are the talk of the league. Just think about the way the Dolphins play football throughout the weeks since Brian Flores has been the coach, you talk about exciting and gambling you just do not know what they are going to do during the game.

Remember These plays?

It may not always work but still it puts teams on notice that they better do their homework on the Dolphins. Yes, the credit should not just be given to Brian Flores as Special teams coach Danny Crossman is excellent at his job! But we know that the head coach must approve anything that goes on in the game.

I love the fact that we have two gamblers on this team that seem to have the perfect relationship I am quite sure they have disagreements, but both seem to be mature enough to work through those disagreements and one does not appear to be trying to undermine or usurp the other.

It was not too far in the past that we had Management warring against each other backbiting the ugly side a football, politics and life. I am so glad that they cleaned house and started anew, now that we have two riverboat Gamblers on our team, expect the unexpected and it surely is a pleasure to finally have somebody who is willing to gamble to make this team the best they can be.

 I have no doubt that this team is headed in the right direction and they are making believers not only out of me but of the entire league, trust me, players are going to be begging to come to Miami giving them deals to play for this team because of the weather, no taxes and a winning culture and one of the best head coaches in the game! This team will be a playyoff contender very soon, would you rather be in Buffalo, New York, New England or Miami come December?

The Dolphins are on the rise!!!!!!

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