RB Is Miami’s Biggest Need!

Najee Harris vs. Travis Etienne: Debating Who Is the Best RB of the 2021  NFL Draft

There is a bunch of sexy picks available for Miami Dolphins who holds the 6th and 18th picks in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft, let us look at this roster and see what really is the most important position that the Dolphins need to address.

I will start first with the offensive Line and the top prospect OT Penei Sewell who many feel the Dolphins should take at 6th if he is there but I do not agree and here is why, The Dolphins drafted three offensive linemen early in the 2020 NFL draft.

  1. 18: Austin Jackson, OT, USC
  2. 39: Robert Hunt, G, Louisiana-Lafayette
  3. 111: Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia

So, I do not think that Miami needs to draft another lineman especially in the first round. That is when the saying you can find one later in a draft truly applies because they’ve already spent three picks in last year ‘s draft on linemen and they all showed promise and hopefully will show improvement in their 2nd season.

How about TE? I had made a point a while back that I have no idea how Kyle Pitts shot so far up the draft board since January, now he is a must have candidate? Whoever his agent is they deserves a huge bonus because somebody did an excellent job of marketing for that kid even some Dolphins fans want Miami to run up to the podium and take this kid if he is there at pick #6, but what is wrong with Mike Gesicki?

I happen to think we already have one of the best TE’s in the league and I also like the complementary TE’s behind him, I do not think the Dolphins are even thinking about a TE despite every so-called draftnick projecting the Dolphins taking a TE at 6th. I just do not see it but once again I realize GM Chris Grier believes in taking the best player available no matter the position so it is not impossible that they would take Kyle Pitts if he’s there at 6. Tight End is not a position of great need for this Dolphins team.

What about the WR position? I do expect the Dolphins to use that number 6 pick on one of the top 3 receivers even though I do not think that receiver is a great need after signing WR Will Fuller in free agency. Much like the TE position the Dolphins are well represented by that position. At 6 I cannot see Miami taking anybody else, but a top receiver and I do include Pitts in that top catching receiver/TE player. But looking at our roster are we really in desperate need of a wide receiver? No, the Dolphins have a particularly good group of WR’s but if they want to get younger at that position and want to get Tua a young weapon to grow with as well as what some say are value picks than WR is a value at 6.

Considering we have the 6th pick the best value is WR Ja’Marr Chase, he is my mock pick in this year’s draft. I also would be fine with Alabama’s WR’s D, Smith or J, Waddle. Once again realistically WR is not a top need for our Dolphins even though I know that is probably what they will use their top pick on.

What about DE? How important is it for the Dolphins to come away with a DE in this year’s draft? The fact is the DE position in this year’s draft is very weak there are a few players in this draft class that are worth taking. Each one of them have bust or boom potential, do I need to remind anybody of Charles Harris and Dion Jordan? That is not to say that one of these young DE’s might not turn out to be a star and DE and Safety are true positions of need for Miami but are they more important than a RB at pick #18?

Miami’s defense was ranked 6th in the league in points allowed last year, Miami’s offense both the run and pass ranked in the 20s. So, looking at the numbers from last season, what unit on this team needs more help the offense or the Defense? That is why I think both the 6th & 18th pick should be offensive players. Also keep in mind Miami spent more FA money the last two years adding pieces to our Defense.

Defensive players are not a great need and so that is a position they can use later round picks on, and the 2022 draft class will be loaded with DE’s and that’ is the Draft Miami should target to fill that position and maybe look to after the draft this year to sign a veteran pass rusher to fill that need.

This gets me to my main point and the title of my article; RB is truly our biggest need this year on this roster and that is why I have that position ranked first in position of need. Many of you who read my posts know who I want for Miami and that is RB Najee Harris, he’s just about every other mockers top RB in this year’s draft and I ask again why not get the best?

Do you know that RB is the one position in Dolphin History that when Miami used a first round pick on they did well?

The History of First Round RB drafted by Miami.

  1. 1966 round 1 pick #1 RB Jim Grabowski no clue about him I was only 5 years old…..but he was not a success because his name is not recognized/
  2. 1968 round 1 pick #8 RB Larry Zonka (HOF) Need I say more?
  3. 1981 round 1 pick #13 RB David Overstreet promising RB who got killed in a car accident. (see here)
  4. 1985 round 1 pick #27 RB Lorenzo Hampton he played for the Dolphins for five years from 1985 to 1989 he was a good RB nothing special. (See Here)
  5. 1989 round 1 pick #9 RB Sammie Smith solid player for about 3 years (19891991after leaving the NFL he was convicted of two counts of possession and distribution of cocaine,[2] and spent seven years in prison as a result (See Here)
  6. 1998 round 1 pick #29 (Speedy) RB John Avery TOTAL BUST Jimmy Johnson was duped by that kid! All Talk!!! A year after being drafted by Miami Avery was traded to the Denver Broncos (See Here)
  7. 2005 round 1 pick #2 RB Ronnie Brown best known for running the “Wild Cat” but was a very good RB for Miami for 5 years. He is a favorite of mine. (See Here)

Brown is the last RB drafted by Miami in the first round in 2005 is it a coincidence that the Dolphins have not been relevant since? The best RB in Dolphins history though not drafted by Miami was Ricky Williams was a first round RB. It’s amazing to think we once had both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown on our roster at the same time!

Is it time to draft one in the first round this year? RB is truly the biggest need Miami have, Najee Harris is a 6′-2 230 pound RB that can run, block and catch the ball out of the backfield, he is ideal for what we need specially when we consider having one of the top defenses in the league last year. I am on board using the 18th pick on RB Najee Harris and if we miss out on him than I want the 2nd best RB in the draft.

I just don’t want a repeat of last year when the Dolphins missed out on all the top-rated RB’s and I still say that made the difference between Miami missing out in the playoffs and Indy who took the RB I was pounding the table for Miami to take in last year’s draft (Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor) who exploded last season and was the 5th best RB in the NFL.

Too many people are of the thinking that drafting a RB in the first round is a waste/mistake as they have a low view of the position and the success of RB’s in the league who were drafted later have something to do with their erroneous thinking but the standards they apply toward the RB’s can be applied to every position in the league. There are plenty of players at every position that have had success despite not being drafted in the first round. Like ooohhh……TOM BRADY!!!!!

You don’t see people saying it is a wasted pick to draft a QB in round one when Brady was a 5th round pick do you? But every year teams reach for QB’s by drafting them in the first round and 50% of them fail! I don’t adhere to passing on a RB or any player at a position of need and RB is truly the greatest need for Miami this year and I say GET THE BEST! Somebody is going to take Harris why not Miami?

The running back, it’s just as important than any other position on this team, quite frankly it is the most important position THIS YEAR! Miami’s running back unit is the weakest unit on the team (no disrespect intended for Myles Gaskin who played his heart out last year) but Miami could use a complementery RB like Harris, in fact the team needs a RB like Harris who can move the chains and keep Miami’s offense on the field and spell our Defense, he will make our O-Line better and protect his best friend and college Roommate and our young QB Tua Tagovailola. This is a match made from heaven!

So I am hoping and praying that Dolphins GM Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores realize the importance of the running back because this team is built perfectly for running back like Harris, and even though I’m not saying he’s Derrick Henry but he has the body size and physicality to be a similar type RB and when they get him in the weight room and strengthen that 6′-2″ 230LBS frame he just might be even better than Henry because he can catch the ball better!

He also trains with BEAST MODE Marshawn Lynch!

Harris can be an every down back for the Dolphins, but I would be wise with his use and not run him into the ground as many teams foolishly do and they end up not having their star RB due to injuries. Najee should be considered just one of many RB on this roster and used wisely. Sort of like what the NBA are doing with their star players by not overusing them in the regular season but resting them and getting them ready for the playoffs.

RB by committee is what Harris should be, but he will be our best weapon especially if we keep him fresh during the regular season.

My only concern is that Najee Harris will probably be gone before Miami even get a chance to draft him at 18 and I am bracing for the fact that Miami won’t get the RB I want this year, but I also feel that if they don’t get Najee Harris they need to get one of the top 3 RB’s in this year’s draft.

Ultimately the best option at pick #6 is to trade down with a QB needy team like the Washington Football Team and get in the middle of the draft and have picks number 18 & 19 and take the Best RB and DE/LB on the board while at the same time adding more picks this year or future years.

We shall find out tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “RB Is Miami’s Biggest Need!”

  1. What kills me are those who say pass on Harris because he is 23….that may seem passed his prime to a 10 year old.

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