I Loved Him But I’m Glad He’s Gone!

Washington Football Team to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, joining ninth team

Ryan Fitzpatrick without a doubt provided fun for us Dol-Fans for the past two seasons he was here but it was never his team as he was just here to keep the seat warm until Brian Flores decided to put Tua in. Fitzpatrick’s role was just temporary as the Dolphins were undergoing their rebuild.

The most frustrating thing about having him on the team is the ignorance of some fans and irresponsible reporters who compared our young rookie quarterback to a 17-year veteran, I work in construction and I know there is no first-year apprentice that can come in at 18 years of age and know what I know after over 30 years in this trade as a Carpenter and Contractor.

Yes, the 18-year-old might have more strength and vigor than what I have but there is no way his knowledge of Carpentry would be equal to mine or should be expected to be. I am sure that is the case of any of you reading this post who have longevity in your work.

But that is what ignorant folks put on the shoulders of our young rookie quarterback and that is the reason why I am so glad that Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone, we do not need him anymore we need our young lion king to grow up and take over the tribe!

Young Tua!

Brian Flores has done a masterful job of managing this team, he has in place personnel to do player development and it just seems this guy knows how to push the right buttons at the right time, he makes good decisions every time, yes, he is fallible just like all of us Brian is not perfect, to be honest with you I can’t think of anything that he’s done to date that I am disappointed in.

In fact, the things that I second-guessed such as firing Chad O’Shea or hiring Chan Gailey and eventually moving on from Chan Gailey (maybe he moved on from us) I don’t think they’ve been bad decisions, in fact I think he and GM Chris Grier have the right pulse for this team and they are building a sustained winner down in Miami.

GM Chris Grier continues to put this team in the best position in the rebuild, don’t forget we’re still just in year two of the rebuild (some might argue year three) either way winning 10 games last year and being just at the doorstep of the playoffs was very valuable for this young team.

Last year’s rookie class will now have their 2nd season to advance their game to the NFL level and they are the foundation of the future, this 2021 rookie class soon to be identified can come in and contribute day one.

Tua Tagovailoa after having started 10 games last year will now start every game from this point on (barring injuries) until the Dolphins decide whether he is a success or a bust, I am leaning more toward success after seeing what he did last year and knowing he has a full off-season to just focus on his responsibility as Miami’s starting quarterback.

From the looks of things, he is having a very productive off-season. Photos of his body development are encouraging as well as him working with his offense proves Tua’s is going to be fine, I would love to see him be more consistently like he played in Arizona last year, that was by far his greatest game of his rookie season it showed his true potential.

While I do regret that we had to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick and I even felt sorry when he was hurt that Brian Flores decided to start Tua’s after the BYE week last year, I realize now what a great move that was because our young rookie quarterback going into his 2nd season knows what to expect and his expectations, I am positive he is doing everything he can to meet those expectations.

But, I will be keeping my eye on Fitzmagic and hope the best for him in Washington I hope he can take their team to the playoffs and maybe win a championship and go out on top, because there is no person that deserves better. My memories of him in Miami will always be fond even though they were just too short season.

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