Why It Matters Not Who Miami Draft!

Brian Flores is the reason the Miami Dolphins scored in free agency - The  Phinsider
Brian Flores Has The Right Disposition!

In times past the reason why the Miami Dolphins failed to be successful is because they never had a successful formal in the first place, the players that we drafted over the years ended up on a team that did not have in place a coaching staff that was competent enough on all levels to develop them.

That is no longer the case in Miami as Brian Flores has quickly established one of the best cultures in the NFL down in Miami and both of his seasons he was a legitimate candidate for coach of the year, eventually he will be gaining that title as this Dolphins team starting from the head coach is all about player development and Brian Flores has put together a competent staff to make sure that is the case.

In times past my biggest complaint was that we never had the right people in place to coach up the players that we drafted, I recall when we drafted Ryan Tannehill, we did not have the right people in place to coach him up. Who was his QB’s Coach? Mike Sherman’s Son-In-Law and current Bengals head coach Zac Taylor. At the time Miami foolishly hired Joe Philbin as the Dolphins head coach and he brought in Mike Shermen as the OC.

From Wiki:

On January 27, 2012, the new coaching regime came into shape with the signing of Philbin’s longtime friends: former Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman and Cincinnati Bengals defensive back coach Kevin Coyle, as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively. Sherman, who was fired by Texas A&M earlier this year after posted a 25–25 record in his four seasons, gave Philbin his first NFL job when he served as head coach for the Green Bay Packers. At the time of signing with the Dolphins, Sherman was also a finalist for the vacant head coaching job for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.[8] Coyle had spent the last 11 seasons as a part of the Bengals organization. Both had served as coaches together at the College of the Holy Cross between 1985 and 1988...The rest of Philbin’s coaching regime includes the acquisition of linebackers coach George Edwards, and assistant quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor on January 30, 2012.

1. Texas A&M (2008–2011) Graduate assistant
2. Miami Dolphins (2012) Assistant quarterbacks coachMiami Dolphins
3. (20132014) Quarterbacks coachMiami Dolphins
4. (2015) Offensive coordinator & quarterbacks coach

All OJT in Miami thanks to Nepotism!

Looking over Philbins staff he really did not have a bad staff but Philbin was no leader of men like Brian Flores is. Philbin was somewhat creepy to me.

Same thing about Chad Henny, I did not think at the time and to this day that head coach Tony Sparano (R.I.P) Was is the right guy for the head coach position because unlike Flores (who is also a disciplinarian) Flores knows who he needs to yell at and who he needs to hug!

Sparano was a 100% yeller and for a young Chad Hennes it ruined his confidence and fellow teammates lost respect for Henne.

A lot of the problems were a direct result of some of these guys getting head-coaching position that themselves were not qualify for, so they had a hard time convincing anybody to come upon the staff. It is not just Miami but any team that has been mired in losing seasons or mediocrity like the Dolphins were for too many years!

That is why I am disappointed that the Jets let Adam Gase go I was hoping he could remain the Jets coach for the next 20 years, unfortunately I’m a little nervous about the Jets new management coaching staff they seem to be an upgrade.

It all starts with the right head coach and Brian Flores is doing something that people are not paying attention to, he is adding bright young people to his staff that will potentially be future head coaches but since they’re relatively unknown or they have limited experience in NFL Brian don’t have to be concerned about them being poached no time in the near future.

And believe Brian is very demanding, very tough, but is also fare. He wants more than anything else for his players to develop and GM Chris Grier as well as owner Stephen Ross do not have a problem paying these players, especially if they prove their worth!

So as this draft comes up just keep in mind that all these young players are still just clay that could be molded, they’ve never played on a professional level and when they come to the Dolphins Brian Flores have a culture in place where if these young players work hard and take advantage of the coaching they will be a part of Miami’s winning culture and as they approach their 2nd contract they will cash in either with Miami or in free agency.

The atmosphere that has been created in Miami they are going to be welcomed, developed, trained, put in a position to succeed, and hopefully thrive! GM Chris Grier and HC Brian Flores will continue to add players to this roster and these young players are going to always have competition, as the saying goes Iron Sharpens Iron! 

Competition is good for everyone and as well as having good young coaching staff to aid these players in their development will produce a winning formula!

That is why it matters not who we draft more sold in where these players are going and when they land in Miami everything is in place for them to succeed and now it is up to them to make it happen!

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