DE or RB @ #18?

Miami Hurricanes DE Jaelan Phillips declares for NFL draft - South Florida  Sun-Sentinel

It is amazing the arguments some will go through to stick with a flawed view that taking RB Najee Harris with the 18th pick (if he is there) is a mistake even though I pointed out that many of those same people have no issues with the Steelers taking Harris at 24…..???

So now I hear some saying that at 18 there will be this imaginary run-on DE’s and that the Dolphins need a DE at 18 rather than RB Najee Harris. As you know I will debate any argument in favor of Najee Harris at 18 over anybody else!

Sorry, there are no Chase Youngs in this year’s draft because if there were I would still rank him as my #1 target. Here are the top 10 DE projection in this year’s draft.

  1.  Kwity Paye*, DE, Michigan
  2. Jaelan Phillips*, DE, Miami
  3. Gregory Rousseau**, DE, Miami
  4. Jayson Oweh*, DE, Penn State
  5.  Carlos Basham, DE, Wake Forest
  6. Joe Tryon*, DE/OLB, Washington
  7. Dayo Odeyingbo, DE, Vanderbilt
  8. Rashad Weaver, DE, Pittsburgh
  9. Patrick Jones, DE, Pittsburgh
  10. Payton Turner, DE, Houston

Some are arguing that one of these DE’s would be a better selection at 18, I question who these naysayers are, and I will once again debunk that stupid argument that drafting a DE at 18 is more of a value pick than a RB.

Once again, I am not talking about any other team but the Miami Dolphins needs and anybody watching the Dolphins last year knows that Miami Defense was not the issue, in fact need I remind you that Miami’s Defense ranked 5th in the league last year in points allowed per game. That was after getting hammered by Buffalo who put up 52 on our Dolphins the last game of the year.

How about Miami rushing attack? Miami ranked 22nd in rushing last year! So where is the biggest need RB or DE? The same argument about RB’s being able to be found later in the draft can be made just as easily for DE and in Miami draft history they had more succes with RB’s that were drafted in round one than DE.

Remember Charles Harris? How about Dion Jordan? Both were Miami’s last two DE’s drafted in the first round! Ronnie Brown was the last RB drafted in the first by Miami. I’ll take Ronnie over either of those bust at DE we got stuck with! Two of Miami’s best DE’s in team history were not first round picks.

 Jason Taylor was a third-round pick in 1997 and a Hall of Fame player! Cameron Wake went undrafted in 2005 2nd in team history with 100 sacks!

So forgive me for my obsession of RB Najee Harris but I truly believe he is the missing piece to help this offense make the improvements to catch up with our Defense and to take our Dolphins to the playoffs.

I hate to keep bringing this up but RB Jonathon Taylor who I was begging for Miami to take with the 30th pick last year ran for a team record 253 yards and two TD’s to help the Colts back into the playoffs over Miami last year. Just think what could have been had Miami drafted Taylor who also ranked 5th in the NFL rushing last year. Especially with our Defense!!??

This draft should be all about offensive weapons to surroud Tua not defense especially when you consider our Drefense is way ahead of our offense! So, I am sticking with my choice of Najee Harris at 18 until I get that big letdown again in the upcoming 2021 draft because I feel Dolphins RB Coach and Co Offensive Coordinator believes in that foolish talk you can get a back anywhere in the draft! No, you cannot get a 6′-2″ 229 stud who runs, blocks and catches out of the backfield anywhere in the NFL let alone the upcoming draft!

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