Don’t Let Others Negativity Cloud Your Thinking!

This world is full of negativity, when you turn on your television it is just depressing to hear the daily news, in fact I suggest if you are addicted to listening to some of these information channels like CNN, Fox and MSNBC take a break and step away from the brainwashing they are spewing and get out and “Smell The Roses”. The pandemic forced many of us to stay home and we have been poisoned by the constant propaganda that the news feed.

Some have even gone as far as lose their minds and storm the Capital!

Negativity is contagious and often will drown out any positivity that can balance out bad news. It doesn’t stop at general news as even in sports it is the negative that gets the attention and ends up being the topic of conversation. That is exactly what drove me to create TDS as I was so sick and tired of the Dave Hyde’s, Armando Suggaro and Omar Kelly’s of the world put their negative spin on our team. It is all about how you portray any subject.

Here is a perfect example of something positive being turned into a negative based off how the news reporters twisted what was an obvious great move made by Dolphins GM Chris Grier. On March 26th Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier orchestrated a brilliant trade that basically moved Miami from the #3 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft down to #6. It was a little more complicated than that but essentially that is what happened, and Miami got future 3rd and 1st round picks for their troubles.

Somehow about a week later Dave Hyde and others started to question that move, Really? Let me tell you a little about our local Sports reporters like Hyde and Armando and even to a lesser extent Omar Kelly…..they are lazy and have given in to some extreme Dolphins fans who have their ear and an extreme opinion and they will do whatever they can to promote their ideas. Like drafting a RB in the first round is a wasted pick….SMH!

I know some of them from years ago when we all use to chat on the Miami Dolphins Sun Sentinel chat line where a newly hired Omar Kelly would also chat along with us all. I will not name these folks but let me just say the discussions back then got so heated that the SS was forced to close the site down. Then these people branched off to their own sites and began to exclude those of us who had a different opinion as if we dare to question their GODSHIP!

So Dave Hyde who is a puppet and is controlled by some of these extreme folks because he himself will tell you he is NOT A draftnik, so if he writes about the draft he is most likely getting information from these know-it-all haters who are jealous of Chris Grier and will slyly try and undermine him anyway they can.

Shortly after Chris Grier made that excellent trade these trolls began to question the move as if the Dolphins will lose out on a top player that they cannot get at 6, that they would have gotten at 3…..Really?

So let me get this straight, the Dolphins moved from 3 to 6 and now they will miss out on a top non QB when it is 100% assured that teams 1-3 are taking QB’s and a 60% chance that whoever gets the 4th pick if Atlanta trades it or even if they keep their pick the Falcons just might select a QB!

So that leaves only ONE possibly TWO players Miami might have on their big board who might not be there at 6. So that means that Ja Mar ChasePenei Sewell (I Seriously doubt he is on Miami’s list), Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle will be there for the taking for Miami and there have been scenario’s where each one of these players had been mocked to Miami at #3 when they were there.

Don’t get caught up in the lie that Miami somehow blew it by moving down to 6th in the draft they will come away with a great player and I still feel they could trade back to 9th and still land one of those guys! I still am baffled how TE Kyle Pitts shot all the way up to a top 5 pick when TE’s are the one position Miami do not need and they tend to have a hard learning curve!

But the overreaction to Pro Days is why he has shot up the draft board as I dare any of you to go back and look at January Mocks drafts and find Pitts in the top 10! That is what I call the puppet effect because one person gets the hype rolling and now this kid potentially will get millions more than he would have due to the hype!

The Dolphins are not relying on any of these rookies to take this team to the playoffs! So, ignore all these people who want to make you think that drafting a RB at 18 would be a reach but now somehow the team is ruined if somehow some team is juked into drafting a TE in the top 10! Don’t get me wrong I would not argue if Miami took Kyle Pitts, but I do not see the need!

So, who is behind these constant stories that drafting a RB at 18 is stupid?

Steeler Fans Trolling?

It just astounds me that many of these so called Dolphins beat writers like a certain somebody from Sports Illustrated who is constantly spewing that nonsense as well as the usual trolls from the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post who seem to just parrot what others say. Let me ask some of you this question why is it reaching to take RB Najee Harris at #18 but the same folks who make that claim have Harris going to the Steelers at 24, 6 spots later?

It is abundantly clear that the internet is full of trolls and as the NFL draft gets closer these trolls go into overdrive and the biggest and dumbest one of them all is a resent mock of Mel Keiper who for some strange reason have Miami trading up with Atlanta for their 4th pick to draft Kyle Pitts!????

If GM Chris Grier does that he should be fired on the spot! Thankfully I know Chris Grier knows better than that.

I make no bones about what I would do, and I would put the word out if any team is trying to trade up for Najee Harris before pick #18 to call me because I would out-bid anybody trying to jump us in the draft! In fact, I would go as far as drafting Harris at #6! That is how much I feel he would bring to Miami.

The fact is NOBODY KNOWS what Miami will do in the upcoming draft but GM Chris Grier and MAYBE Brian Flores!

Ignore the noise and let us all be thankful that the Draft is almost here!

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