AFC East Parity On The Horizon?

AFC East Season Preview. As a fan of the NFL, the off-season can… | by Ray  Levay | Fantasy Life App

After years of dominating the AFC East the New England Patriots took a step back in 2020 and for the first time in many years, they failed to make the playoffs. The departed Tom Brady cemented his legacy by winning another Super Bowl but this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That has left Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick being questioned as to who was really the guiding force behind their 20-year dynasty. No wonder the Patriots spent more money than any team in free agency as they spent $159.6 million dollars to overhaul their roster. 

The Jets appear to be finally on the right track after making the mistake of hiring former Dolphins mistake Adam Gase as their head coach in 2019, he did the same thing to the Jets that he did in Miami, gutted the team of their best players while never living up to the QB whisperer he was touted to be and, in the end, made a mess of the teams he coached.

The Bills have been building their team the wright way for the past few seasons ever since they hooked up Head Coach Sean McDermott  and GM Brandon Beane  Who together have put together an impressive team and has developed Josh Allen into a Top QB in the NFL and the best QB in the AFC East?

Looking at the AFC East prior to the draft it seems that Buffalo, Miami & New England will be battling it out for the division title and the top 3 spots in the division while the Jets who most likely will be in the early stages of resetting their roster will trail the top 3 teams in the division and might guard the basement of the AFC East at least for one more season. But they at least have hope just from parting ways from Adam Gase.

 For now, the Buffalo Bills should still be considered a favorite to win the AFC East but much like last year the Dolphins and a reinvented Patriots team will be targeting Buffalo to overtake them in 2021.

After the beat down provided by Buffalo and a now 5 game winning streak over Miami there is added incentive for Miami to get that monkey off their backs and for New England who has always been the BIG BROTHER in the AFC East since Belichick’s arrival, I am fairly sure they intend to put up a good fight to take back the division title.

All 4 teams in the AFC East seem to have solid management in place and that is the key to success and two of the 4 have their QB of the future in place as the NFL draft is just under three weeks away.

I have a feeling after the Draft the AFC East will have 4 young QB’s to battle over the years as this division is primed to become one of the toughest divisions in the league.

so, I ask the question, is the AFC East going to be a bloodbath for the individual teams? Even though the bills currently seem to be the frontrunner to win the division again The Dolphins, Patriots and eventually the Jets will be looking to supplant them in the near future?

As of right now I would make the Buffalo Bills the frontrunner and the Dolphins 2A and New England 2B as both potentially can supplant Buffalo in 2021.

What is the saying? Iron Sharpens Iron! Well, that will take full effect in the 2021 season as the AFC BEAST becomes a division everybody will be dreading to play.

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