Will Season Two Be Tua’s Coming Out Season?

Russell Wilson potential trade to Miami would include Tua Tagovailoa

Last season it can be argued the Tua Tagovailoa had the worst season of the top three quarterbacks drafted, on the other hand his win/loss record was better than Herbert, Burrow and Watson in Houston! Tua lacked the consistency in his play as he was up and down throughout his rookie season. He himself will admit that fact. He has already been honest and forthright about his rookie season as he said he did not play up to the standard that he has set for himself.

The good thing to keep in mind is there’s a second season with Tua at the helm and the fact that Brian Flores wisely put Tua in and let him get his feet wet despite the hurt feelings of Ryan Fitzpatrick it was a brilliant move as now Tua knows exactly what he needs to work on, and he has been diligently working hard to secure his job and win over the fans and his teammates.

Many young QB’s take a big step in their second year, in fact it can be argued that Tua has the best possibility to have a better second year than either Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert because they both have set the bar pretty high to have a better second season than Tua, if those two play to the same level that they did last year, then there’s been no big change in what they performed in their rookie seasons and if they should regress in year two then I’m pretty sure everyone’s perspective will change on those two young quarterback’s.

Tua on the other hand has a great chance of having a better breakout season in year two then his first season and the changes the Dolphins made are all with the intent of helping Tua to be a better quarterback by not having to look over his shoulders at Ryan Fitzpatrick who had a 17-year head start playing in the NFL also the added advantage of playing multiple years under with Chan Gilly which gave him a greater advantage over our young Rookie QB.

Unfortunately, ignorant fans and even the more egregious local sports writers who make their living by riling up the fans and always undermining the team and its management as they focus on the negative and spearheaded the calls for Deshaun Watson to be a replacement for Tua Tagovailoa, many seem to forget that the Dolphins are in the early stages of a long term rebuilding process, it’s technically just year 2-3 in the process. I like the fact that the Dolphins management recognizes this fact and his continued to build this team the proper way with the long-term future in mind, that’s why GM Chris Greer is constantly adding more and more draft picks for the future to continue to have the option to add younger players and replace other players and bringing the best talent that they can to compete and build this roster.

I am eagerly looking forward to Tua Tagovailoa second year and as he continues to work hard, I have no doubt that he is going to be that much more successful in year two and we’ll see more of the Tua that we had seen against Arizona, Kansas City, and couple other teams last year where he played above average. In an Arizona game I thought he did such a great job matching Kyler Murray play throughout the game, now he does not have the skills, or a talent of Kyler Murray has but he does have accuracy, he protects the ball, and all he needs is more time and reps as our starter and hopefully we’ll see him breakout this upcoming 2021 season.

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2 thoughts on “Will Season Two Be Tua’s Coming Out Season?”

  1. I tend to agree that we are in year two but some will count that year of tearing down as year one. I am excited for Tua and hope he balls out this year….

  2. IMO this is year 2 of the rebuild….the 1st year was the demo work. As for Tua, I was not a fan during his collegiate career. In fact I despised him (because I’m a Gator fan) but the minute Miami drafted him I became a fan. He’s our QB1 and it’s our job to support him. Even Fitzy continues to praise him.

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