Don’t Overreact To Pro Days

2021 College Pro Day Schedule - Steelers Depot

One of the biggest things that happens during the final weeks leading up to the NFL draft are the Pro Days where the players workout at their own college campus and all 32 teams including top management, scouting department an anyone involved in the draft process make their way to see in person, close up the individuals who they might select doing the upcoming draft or they get film and avoid going because they might not want to tip their hands. Or they are creating a diversion by attending knowing very well that they are not targeting the players they are swooning over.

They all get together and play mind games with each other on who they are interested in, this time of the year is by far the greatest gamesmanship you will see by these teams leading up to the NFL draft. A perfect example is this past week when the San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan both put on their dog and pony show and attended the Alabama Pro Day looking at QB Mac Jones after making a big trade with Miami to move into the 3rd overall spot in the 2021 NFL draft. If anybody thinks that the 49ers gave up two future first round picks and their #12 pick in 2021 to move up to #3 with Miami to take Mack Jones, then I have a bridge for sale for those who fell for the ruse!

Common Sense tells me one thing, there is no way in the world the 49ers are interested in drafting Mack Jones because they could have gotten him at #12 so for them to be down there faking like they are interested in Mack Jones is laughable!

The 49ers are interested in one of the top three quarterbacks in the draft, that is why they moved up to #3! They are looking at either Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, or Trey Lance with the #3 pick and it all depends on what the Jets at #2 will do. The 49ers just might be trying to sway Houston to take the #3 pick and Jimmy Garoppolo as well as other compensation like another top young player along with more future draft picks.

I will print out this article and eat it if the 49ers use the #3 pick to draft Mack Jones in the upcoming draft! Just make sure I have some Franks Read Hot because you can put that *&^% on Everything! 

The only thing that is for sure is that the Jaguars will be taking Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft! I still cannot believe the Jets screwed that up!

The Jets are considered by many to be taking the Wilson kid at #2, but much like the Dolphins the Jets are keeping their cards close to their vest and I like that! The AFC is going to be one of the top divisions in the upcoming years. Now who might just be eyeing Mack Jones is the Patriots, they are the ones I suspect that might make a move to trade up and nab Jones.

The 49ers are not the only detractors there are many teams blowing smoke up the butts of just about everybody, some teams are trashing some players hoping they fall to them in the draft. Some agents use the internet as their means to spread misinformation while quietly sitting back and hoping they do not get caught.

There are so many fan blogs that want you to think they have some inside knowledge on what their teams will do, as some of these guys take their opinion way to serious and get angry should you disagree or call them out on their stupid rants and some even have the nerve to block you from commenting on their site because you dare to disagree with them and call them out on some of their stupid claims.

Pro Football Talk is a site that sensors post and if you do not fall in line with what they are trying to sell they will not post your comments. But they all want you to visit their sites but just do not disagree with their narrative… Really? I have always allowed my readers to post what they want just as long as it not profanity laced! (PG Site) I have no problem with those who disagree and if we reach an impasse then I will say we will have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

I do pay attention to a lot of what others write even their nonsense, I think we all feed off each other when it comes to ideas and that can be the reason, I write an article. I will read a lot of things and I might have in my mind how I would want a situation to play out for our Dolphins, that is why I started The Dolphin Seer because I tend to focus on the positive and eliminate the negative.

Sometimes I see these overreactions when it comes to the players Pro days, every day is a different pro day and every day it is a different athlete that impresses the crowd and players rise on the Big Board of some teams based off their workouts in shorts! Really? That is like buying a car solely on how it looks without looking at what is under the hood. That is when you end up with a lemon!

It makes no difference how these kids perform on Pro days, most teams already know more about these players than they need to know because what is more important than this dog and pony show is what is on the tape of the careers of these players as they played in college, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or 4 years. The tape does not lie, any team that is competent will always refer to the tape over any of the performances that these kids put out on these Pro days.

It’s the tape that matters, that’s what the Miami Dolphins will be looking at or have already looked through as they put their “Big Board” together on how they rank these players, for anybody to want to make a major change to their draft board based off of the dog and pony show in these pro days, where most of events are slanted in the favor of the players because it’s on their home turf so who’s starting and stopping the time clock? That truly matters because a guy who might be a 4.5 forty will suddenly test at 4.3!

It never fails as some GM’s fall in love with a player based solely on what they do in shorts rather than the tape, that is when they get in trouble and draft a guy that is not the guy, they thought they saw at their pro days.

Buyer Beware!

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