WR Jaylen Waddle Should Be Our Choice At #6

Scouting report: WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama

The Dolphins need to add both youth and speed to the WR room and after thinking things over dynamo WR and former Tua teammate Jaylen Waddle fits that bill to a “T” and looking at Miami’s WR room he is that one thing that is missing.

The Dolphins have plenty of height on the roster when it comes to WR’s and yes, they have a speedy dynamo WR/Return specialist in Jakeem Grant but he is not as good of a receiver as he is a return specialist.

Looking around the league the one player that is special that many of teams would welcome to their rosters is KC’s WR Tyreek Hill who is the exact same size and have similar speed to Waddle as both are 5′-10″ and 185 LBS and run sub 4.3 speed. Now I am not saying that Waddle will be the next Hill, but he just might be. He does possess the one thing that can’t be taught, and the reason Tyreek Hill has been so successful in the NFL SPEED!!!!!!

The Dolphins could play Waddle inside at the slot or outside at the Z spot or even in reverses and gadget plays and with that speed he will be a mismatch no matter where he lines up on the field not to mention the special team’s potential!

He was injured at seasons end and has not run at the pro days because he is still healing but make no mistake about it this kid is a burner and exactly what Miami needs on the roster more so than Devonta Smith or Jamar Chase who Miami have similar players already in their overcrowded WR room.

Lynn Bowden Jr.15WR235′ 11″204 lbsRKentucky
Matthew ColeWR245′ 10″197 lbsRMcKendree
Isaiah Ford84WR256′ 2″201 lbs3Virginia Tech
Robert Foster19WR266′ 2″196 lbs3Alabama
Will Fuller V15WR266′ 0″184 lbs5Notre Dame
Jakeem Grant19WR285′ 7″171 lbs5Texas Tech
Mack Hollins86WR276′ 4″221 lbs4North Carolina
Allen Hurns17WR296′ 3″195 lbs7Miami (FL)
Kirk Merritt83WR246′ 0″208 lbsRArkansas State
DeVante Parker11WR286′ 3″211 lbs6Louisville
Andre PattonWR266′ 2″200 lbs2Rutgers
Preston Williams18WR246′ 5″218 lbs2Colorado State
Albert Wilson15WR285′ 9″195 lbs7Georgia State

So I have bought into Jaylan Waddle as Miami’s top pick in the upcoming draft and feel they could even trade down a spot or two and nab Waddle

Jaylen Waddle

Measurables: 5-foot-10, 185 poundsStrengths: Waddle is a dynamic playmaker. Although he was held back because of injury, he showed how electric and game-changing he can be. His speed is dangerous. He’s a burner at all levels and is lethal with the ball in his hands. He uses his speed to get plenty of separation before and after the catch. Waddle gets open vertically and tracks the ball well. He’s also very effective getting off the line

I will now use my future mock drafts to target Waddle and play around with trading down and still getting Waddle.

Stay Tuned!!

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