Miami Should Offer Xavien Howard To Dallas

Dolphins' Xavien Howard not worried he might be traded | Miami Herald

The Dolphins are transitioning to a young team and the future is where they are looking as they have purged the roster the past two seasons of players both young and old that was not on board with the team or did not fit what they are looking for on the future roster, so they have been wisely adding pieces to this team with a view towards the future that is why they are accumulating so many draft picks.

We all have become attached to certain players but there is a point in time when the Dolphins need to maximize what is in the best interest of the team when it comes to players and even though we have not heard any word from Howard’s team about wanting to redo his contract I still think it is coming up somewhere down the road and they are just waiting for the right time to make a move. I believe it will be somewhere before training camp starts that is why the Dolphins should do a preemptive strike and look to trade Xavien Howard because as I mentioned in a previous article his value cannot get any higher and it is only going down from this point. (Father Time)

GM Chris Grier should be shopping Xavien Howard to see if teams would be interested in offering a first-round pick for our starting CB and make a move to trade Howard. The reason why this would be a great time to move on from Howard and bring in another CB is that in the upcoming NFL draft there is a prospect that has ties to Miami and is considered one of the top CB’s in the upcoming draft. His father was a pro bowl all-star cornerback for the Dolphins back in the Jimmy Johnson era as he was drafted by Miami in 1998 2nd round pick #44 and he instantly became part of the best CB tandem in the NFL back then playing opposite Sam Madison.

Those two were special and brought many of us joy as we had suffered years of bad defenses that many felt hindered Dan Marino from getting a SB ring and eventually lead to a forced retirement of Don Shula. In 1996 the Miami Dolphins replaced Don Shula with former Dallas head coach Jimmy Johnson who quit Dallas and went to the broadcast booth for a couple of years and as some believed lobbied for the Dolphins head coaching job and eventually got it.

Jimmy lasted just 3 years but in those 3 years he drafted defensive players that we all fell in love with, Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas get most of the acclaim but Madison and Surtain held their own and was second to none back in the day. The cornerback position is where Jimmy Johnson nailed it! Patrick Surtain Sr and Sam Madison were two of the best cornerback tandems (if not the best) in Dolphin’s history they were better than what we have today and what we have today is incredibly good!

Dynamic Duo! Here's Patrick Surtain's advice for Miami Dolphins stars  Xavien Howard and Byron Jones - Sports - Palm Beach Daily News - Palm  Beach, FL

That was around 23 years ago so what does that have to do with today you might be asking?

Well in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft the son of former Dolphins great Patrick Surtain Sr will be one of the first CB’s to come off the draft board and a part of me wish Miami were in a position to get him. I know that it might not happen but that do not mean I should not wish it could. After playing for one of the best college teams in the country the Alabama Crimson Tide, Patrick Surtain Jr will now bring his talent to the NFL and I have a feeling he will be special. Will he be better than his father? Only time will tell but he will be drafted higher than his father was and that just might be a sign that teams expect him to be a premier player in the NFL.

That would be the ideal situation for the Dolphins to find themselves in a position to grab Patrick Surtain Jr and still get a top WR and my favorite player RB Najee Harris. Then the Dolphins would have Byron Jones to mentor to our young CBs to work along together and develop our young puppies that could develop into one of the best in the league. Patrick Surtain Jr and last year’s first round pick Noah Igbinoghene could be the future CB tandem that could be as good if not better than what we had with Madison and Surtain back in the day. It is ok to dream before the draft!

The reason why I like Dallas as a choice to target is because the Cowboys are prime right now with Dak Prescott’s new deal the Cowboys who need a top CB could get arguably the best CB in the league as they make a run for the SB and Miami gets a young CB to add to a roster they are building for the future.

The Cowboys can make a run for a Super Bowl and Xavien Howard is the one thing that they are missing, he would fit perfectly in their defense and provide them with the tool they need to help their defense get to a championship level.

As for the Dolphin fans who love Howard and do not want to let him go keep in mind, we are looking 3 to 4 years down the road with this team and how they will look, this is the perfect scenario to go ahead and move on from Xavien Howard this year. I do feel things are going to heat up somewhere after the draft if he is on our team because he and his agent are plotting and planning to approach Miami as he feels he should be paid more money and I personally do not feel that Xavien Howard should get any more money but live up to the contract that he signed.

Miami should take the strike first and not sit back and wait for after the draft with Howard and his agent will probably start demanding that the Dolphins make Xavien the highest paid cornerback in the league.

So, my dream first round Dolphin’s draft would look like this:

I went to my mock draft simulator with the idea that Miami had acquired Dallas’ #10 pick in a straight up trade for Howard and here were the results.

6. Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama

10 Patrick Surtain Jr

18 Najee Harris

That would be one heck of a draft to come away with a top receiver, a top running back and one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL draft!

This would be an ideal draft for Miami!

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Miami Should Offer Xavien Howard To Dallas”

  1. Like we discussed earlier in the week, trade X only if it guarantees Surtain. And your 3 picks…. I cant disagree with it, other than it’s a coin flip for me between Waddle and Pitts.

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