Poster Of The Month Award!

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Ok I am desperate I want my site to have more of my readers post and engage with me so here is what I will do.

I am going to give away a poster of the month prize it will be at least $50 dollars to whoever provides the best post. I will always respond to my posters despite my busy schedule this time of the year. I will also just randomly pick someone to receive a prize.

So, if you are a regular reader why not start giving some feedback either way if you agree or disagree with an article I wrote, I need to hear from you! (Disagreeing will not prevent you from getting the award…No Sucking Up!)

I will also have an even bigger award for anybody who subscribe to TDS that will be double the regular post award.

The winner of my poster of the moth will get the money sent by gift card, cash app or any way you want it, and I will pay it out on the first of every month…. starting this April! No, it will not be an April Fool’s joke I am for real.

One way to start is to simply grade my post (see 5 stars above) and tell me why you graded my post the way you did 1 being you did not like it to 5 that you really liked it and anywhere in between.

I also am looking to change the Name of the site and I am looking for suggestions and if I use your suggestions you will get an $100 award.

Why not start by responding to this post! Is it shameless? I have no shame! 🙂

Please help create better content in the future as well as giveaways such as upcoming TDS T-Shirts, Game Tickets, Giveaways, and cashback opportunities. For as little as .99 cents a month you can contribute to the growth of TDS and the podcast.

So click on the sponsor, there are 3 monthly price ranges to choose from .99 basic content /4 .99 with special content with more giveaways / 9.99 premium that will get you even more special content as well as many more giveaways others will not enjoy! (Click Here To Support!)



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2 thoughts on “Poster Of The Month Award!”

  1. Don’t worry Markey….we’re here…..personally I typically don’t post when you put out an article that I completely agree with because it becomes redundant IMO….I can’t speak for others, but just reading your positive spin on things is rewarding enough for me.

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