2021 Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft My strategy (3/15/21)

2021 NFL Draft to be hosted in Cleveland

The Dolphins have many options to improve this team, this time I decided to draft how I feel Miami should draft and I used my first 4 picks on RB’s and WR’s and then took TBPA from that point forward:

Below are the results of my mock draft this week: 

  • 3. Ja’Marr Chase WR, LSU
  • 18. Najee Harris RB, Alabama
  • 36. Javonte Williams RB, North Carolina
  • 50. Amon-Ra St. Brown WR, USC
  • 81. Alex Leatherwood OT, Alabama
  • 123. Janarius Robinson EDGE, Florida State
  • 208. Marquez Stevenson WR, Houston

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3 thoughts on “2021 Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft My strategy (3/15/21)”

  1. Hello. Love your Posts and your positive view on the team. I share your feelings on Salguero, can´t believe how negative and disrupting he can be!
    I love your draft strategy to get the best two running backs in our building would be awesome, specially both hard pounding tackle breakers like them.
    However, I wanted to add that trading down from the 3 pick, say trade with Philly get #6 or Carolina get #8, should net you extra early second round pick 37-39 AND a 1st rounder next year. And you should still be able to get Waddle or Smith with that pick.
    Furthermore, with the rush for quarterbacks this year, you could even trade that 6 or 8 further down to say #12 (San Francisco) and be able to get an EXTRA early second round pick 43 AND a 1st rounder next year.
    Now your are sitting with #12,37,43 and 2 First round draft choices in 2022, which you could even trade back for more picks in 2021. With this strategy you could potentially have 8 of the first 50 picks of this draft (16% of the top talent when most teams get 3%) and now you target those first 4 players you drafted, plus extra Edge (Rousseau, Ojulari), WR (Toney, Marshall),
    DL (Nixon, Onwuzurike), LB (collins, Davis), CB (Newsome, Robinson), Safety ((washington, Grant) or even a pass catching RB like Gainwell. And you still keep your 81, 123 and 208.
    This would be a coup. A smart GM with all these picks, could even deal his way up and down throughout the draft to position and target specific players.
    Its the perfect year to do this, as the experts project 6 quarterbacks in the first 50 picks, so that leaves us potentially with 8 or more of the top 44 non QBS in the draft(18%), all or most 1st with round talent, and potentially as many as 12-15 of the first 100 total players depending how much you deal which would greatly improve our base team with very young talent for many years to come. it would be a draft of a lifetime, everyone would be talking about for years and could signal a change in draft strategy as much as money ball was to baseball

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