There Is Only One Way Miami Signing FA RB Aaron Jones Makes Sense…..???

Dolphins increasingly likely to sign Aaron Jones from Packers

I have been racking my brains every sense word came out that the Dolphins and running back Aaron Jones had interest in each other, to me it makes no sense to spend big dollars on a running back in free agency. Even if he is just 26 years old and coming off a pro-bowl season. The question I have is how much of his success have to do with a certain QB?

It makes more sense to draft both an RB and WR in the upcoming draft and if we have Tua as QB why not remarry him with one if not both Alabama prospects who are highly ranked in the 2021 draft. Depending on who you listen to Devonta Smith is a top 1-10 pick in the upcoming draft and Najee Harris is considered a top two RB who is being projected to go in round 1 or early round 2. I have laid out my argument for Miami to at least make sure they get Harris in the draft over any other player 

The only way that signing Aaron Jones would make sense is if the Dolphins do not plan to have the #3 or the 18th pick in the upcoming NFL draft. That would mean that they already have a plan in place to trade for Deshaun Watson. That is the only reason I could see the Dolphins spending high dollars on the offensive side in free agency when you have Four of the top fifty pics in the upcoming draft to get some of the top young talent who would be cheaper to add to the roster. 

If the Dolphins are keeping Tua as our quarterback then it makes more sense to surround him with young talented players coming out in the draft and allow them to grow together over the next few years and build a solid offense to complement what is already a very solid defense. 

My off-seson strategy for the Dolphins would be to use free agency to get one or two pieces that we need to add to this defense to put it over the top, I would be looking for a Safety, a Defensive Tackle and an Edge Rusher in free agency to add to this defense, then I would go into the draft and double down on WR’s and RB’s with our first four picks. That would make the most sense how this team should address their needs this off-season. 

So, I’ll be paying attention to free agency and who the Dolphins sign, If the Dolphins bring in some of the players that have been mentioned, like some of the top free agent wide receivers and top running backs then I am assuming that the Dolphins are looking to be adding Deshaun Watson to the roster somewhere soon realizing that they will not have the picks in the draft to address those needs…. Stay Tuned! 

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