Miami Still Reaping The Benefits Of The Tunsil Trade

Laremy Tunsil Is The Keystone To Texans' Turnaround - Battle Red Blog

He was a huge selection under one of the strangest of circumstances as Laremy Tunsil was preparing for his big day on draft day on April 28, 2016 and just about 15 minutes before it started Bizarro World popped up as a scene that was straight from the weirdest movie you’d ever seen there is a video posted of one of the top picks projected in the draft (Some had him ranked as the number 1 pick) where he is wearing a mask and a Bong attached to it and someone lighting up that Bong that was loaded with the wacky grass that many debate if it should be legal and some states have legalized smoking it. (SEE LINK)  

The star of the video Laremy Tunsil was the number 1 ranked OT coming out of college and at least the number 3 ranked overall player coming into the draft by many drafts so called experts. ( )  

Miami took a shot on the devastated LT and he paid off more than anybody could have ever expected. First, he was a very solid LT for Miami Dolphins (20162018) but what Miami has really benefitted from is the trade to Houston who coveted our young PRO BOWL LT and made an offer the Dolphins could not refuse even Tunsil upon hearing what Houston was offering for his services said He would trade him too…  

So let us look at where we currently stand because of that trade:  

Miami received first-round picks in 2020 and 2021 and a second-round pick in 2021 along with offensive tackle Julién Davenport and defensive back Johnson Bademosi in exchange for Tunsil, wide receiver Kenny Stills, a 2020 fourth-round pick and a 2021 sixth-round pick  

Miami used the 2020 first round pick from the Texans which ended up being Round 1, pick 30 on Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn (Jury is still out) he was the youngest player on the team, and he had a tough outing in 2020 when CB Byron Jones got injured in Miami’s first matchup against the AFC East champions Buffalo Bills.  

The Dolphin still owns the Texans 2021 1st & 2nd round picks that ended up being #3 and #36 as well as their own and given the fact that the Texans totally imploded, we have been rewarded with the 3rd pick in the NFL draft and that pick if traded would just add more off that amazingly lucky trade Miami’s GM Chris Grier made two seasons ago.  

I once said who I thought got the best deal in that trade and concluded it was Tunsil but after seeing the total collapse of the Texans and benefiting by hiving their 2021 1st and 2nd round picks, I have come to conclude now that Both Miami and Tunsil were the big winners in that trade.  

A trade that can still stretch well into the future should the Dolphins trade down or trade away to get Houston’s disgruntled QB…. Time will tell!  

Keeping track Miami so far got the 26th pick in 2020 in which they traded to Green Bay and got a 4th round pick and moved to 30th in the 2020 draft and drafted CB Noah Igbinoghene and with the 4th round pick from Green Bay, Miami drafted G Solomon Kindley, Georgia 

So, from the Tunsil trade we have CB Noah Igbinoghene, G Solomon Kindley, Georgia the Texans 2021 1st round pick #3 and the Texans 2021 2nd round pick #36 and counting…. 

Our GM is AWSOME!!!! 

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