Is The #3 Pick An Opportunity For A Mulligan?

QB is by far the most prominent position on an NFL team, they are the only player to touch the ball about 100% of the time and their decisions will either win or lose you a game more than any other player. Teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars in search of their franchise QB and will try and outbid any other team should a franchise QB hit the market. 

Miami drafted QB Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick of the 2020 NFL draft and he had mixed results, but he did have the best win/los record of his peers 6-3, and I am sure some will debate that fact. 

Either way Tua did struggle at times (Go Figure A Rookie QB Struggled) and that was made worse by the performance of his two fellow first round QB’s taken in the top half of the 2020 NFL draft. (The Packers took Jordan Love with pick #26 in the 2020 NFL draft in a trade with Miami) Joe Burrow taken number 1 and Justin Herbert taken number 6th (just after Miami took Tua) both had better Rookie Campaign than Tua in Fact Herbert won offensive Rookie of the year for his stellar performance. 

So the offseason has not been to kind for Tua as rumors and speculation have his status as Miami long-term QB in question, we all know the biggest threat to Tua’s status is the situation in Houston with their young franchise QB who they are in a standoff and what appears to be who will blink first as Houston in how they are managing this situation only verifies that they are an organization that needs a complete overhaul and if they follow through on the reported threat to just let Watson sit out the season than they are really stupid. Nobody wins in a lose, lose relationship. Wisdom would dictate that they take advantage of the situation and get the bounty a 25-year-old franchise QB can garner. 

So, if the Watson situation is not settled by draft day should Miami with the number 3 pick draft one of the top QB’s in the upcoming draft with that 3rd pick is my question? 

The option would be Miami either trade down and get more draft picks for their top 3 pick or stand pat and draft one of the top rated WR’s in the draft. Or some other offensive talent like an O-lineman. 

I have decided just for Grins & Giggles (PG site) to explore the possibility that Miami is targeting one of the QB’s in the draft. Here is the list of the top 10 QB’s in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft and only one is off the list as the Jags will 100% draft Clemson QB Trevor Lawence and I just want to take this time to thank Jacksonville for sucking just a little more than the Jets as their former HC screwed them heading out the door…. LOL! 

1. Trevor Lawrence | Clemson, 2. Justin Fields | Ohio State, 3. Zach Wilson | BYU, 4. Trey Lance | North Dakota State, 5. Mac Jones | Alabama, 6. Kyle Trask | Florida, 7. Jamie Newman | Georgia, 8. Kellen Mond | Texas A&M, 9. Sam Ehlinger | Texas 10. Shane Buechele | SMU 

The Dolphins need a backup QB (If No Watson Trade) and why not look at bringing in a young Fields, Wilson, or Lace to compete? I was disappointed that Miami did not hang on to the unbelievably cheap Josh Rosen and allowed him to continue to develop along with Tua with Fitzpatrick still here last year. 

What is wrong with making competition stiff at the QB position and the loser get us back draft capital or at the very least a young affordable QB to back up the winner. Oh, and why not bring back Fitzmagic to continue to mentor our future QB’s? 

Is it really beyond the realm of possibilities? Time will tell… 

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