Byron Jones Is The Better CB For Miami

Dolphins CB Byron Jones returns to practice, says he's day-to-day before  Seahawks game - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

If Miami had to go with just one of our highly paid CB’s and trade the other, who would you choose? I am sure I am in the minority when I say I would trade our Top CB Xavien Howard because of a few factors, first Miami is still in just year 2-3 of their rebuild process and trading Howard would be a final purging of the past (Along with dumping Parker) and making a transition to younger players that will earn our hearts. 

The Dolphins are building a new culture and Howard does not embody that culture like Jones and yes, we will possibly be giving away INT’s by getting rid of Howard but we will be enforcing the Culture Miami is establishing by moving on. 

I also noted the benefits of putting Howard on the trading block for a team that is rebuilding as Miami can most assuredly get at the minimum a 1st round pick and other compensation for Howard. 

I would love to trade Howard and recoup another 1st round pick and target Alabama CB and Dolphins legend CB’s son Patrick Surtain II as I feel he is going to be a baller and if Noah Igbinoghene can step up his game than Miami will have two young CB to lock down the field and lower the money they are shelling out for Howard and Jones. 

So, I am expecting some drama as the off-season moves in from Howard’s camp amidst rumors that after just 2 years into his 5-year deal Howard is seeking to redo his contract and for all the off-field drama this team has already delt with and keeping in mind Howard’s injury history I do not see his thinking that he has outperformed his contract when you add the past two seasons’ stats together. 

Now if he keeps his mouth shut and balls out again in 2022 than Miami SHOULD talk extension but I just assume they part ways and move on as I still have such a sour taste from how Reshad Jones abused Miami and had his hand out anytime he played well but never gave back when he did not and I see the same thing in Howard, selfish players are not wanted by Flores and for good reason. 

When players think they are above his peers and is always counting other people’s money that it is the time to help him get what he wants from some other team. 

Byron Jones was the top-rated CB in free agency for a reason: 

Byron Jones, CB, Cowboys (27) (signed with Dolphins for 5 years, $82.5 million) 

Jones failed to record an interception in his second full season at cornerback but used his 6-0, 205-pound frame well to be a shutdown artist and has translated his athleticism to be an active, sound tackler. 

Yes, interceptions are incredibly good to have but that is just one part of what makes a successful player and teammate and a fit within the organization and Jones gets it! 

Jones was selected as the Dolphins nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award presented by Nationwide. The award recognizes an NFL player for outstanding community service activities off the field, as well as excellence on the field 

How many team awards have Howard received for outstanding community service activities off the field? Yes, he has received awards for his excellence on the field but he is lacking in other areas. I look forward to Byron Jones 2nd season in Miami as he will play even better as he adjust to the Dolphins style of play with one year behind him. 

I also pray that we do not hear anymore off-field drama with Howard! 

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