Time To Go Against The Grain On The RB Position!

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Nothing gets me more riled up than to read what I feel are stupid reasonings’ on when to draft a player and if you look at PFF latest mock draft they do not even have an RB being taken in the first round and I even seen a mock draft that did not have an RB selected in the first two rounds! 

When is it time to draft a RB or any player for that reason? Who cares if you select a RB in round one if that back turns out to be a major contributor to your team’s success? 

RB is a HUGE NEED for Miami, in fact it is Miami’s biggest need, more so than OL, WR, and they still need to upgrade those positions as well, having a quality RB who can carry the load is exactly what Miami needed last year thus that was why I was so disappointed they passed up an RB last year in the draft in round one. 

A good RB complements both our young QB and our top defense because having the ability to control the clock and time of possessions is the formula for Miami’s success considering the way they are currently built. 

Why Alabama RB Najee Harris is the perfect fit for the Dolphins. 

I keep seeing many mock drafts having Clemson’s RB Travis Etienne as the top RB in the draft and I will not argue that as everybody is entitled to their opinion but for Miami, he is not the better option and here is why. 

Miami has two young complementary RB’s currently on the roster Myles Gaskin 5′-10″ 194 LBS and Salvon Ahmed 5′-11″ 197 LBS and both played well last year and the rest of the RB’s on Miami’s roster is in that range of size. Adding Clemson’s RB Travis Etienne 5′-10″ 205 LBS to Miami’s roster would be redundant! Miami needs a back that complements their running back room and that is why Alabama RB Najee Harris 6′-2″ 220 LBS is the perfect back to add to this roster. Even FA RB Aaron Jones 5′-9″ 208 LBS of Green Bay is more of what we have on the roster, so it makes no sense to add him in free agency and when you factor in his age and potential contract demands there is no way he would be on my radar! (Only One Reason Why is My Next Article) 

So, the question is who on Miami’s staff seems more inclined to pass on the top RB’s in the draft always looking for an RB in the later rounds or castoffs from other teams? That is why I am no fan of Miami’s RB coach who insted of being fired like I have been requesting for some time now was promoted to OC/RB ‘s Coach and I just don’t get it. Since Eric Studesville has been with Miami ever since former HC Adam Gase brough him over from Denver in 2018. 

Miami rushing history under Eric Studesville: 

Miami ranked 18th in rushing yards in 2018, Miami ranked 32nd in rushing yards in 2019, Miami ranked 21st in rushing yards in 2020. 

Folks’ numbers do not lie and just the fact that Studesville did not fight hard enough to lobby for one of the top RB’s in last year’s draft leads me to believe he is behind the flawed strategy of passing on RB’s in round one. For once can Miami buck the trend and take Harris? I coved that one player more than any other player in the draft.! 

I am making an official appeal for Miami to finally spend a first round pick on a RB, Alabama RB Najee Harris………………………………… PLEASE!!!!!

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