Gamble?… Risk?… It’s A No Brainer!!!

Tennessee Titans trying to get out of Isaiah Wilson contract? | PFN

The Miami Dolphins are at it again and one day it will pay off as the Dolphins made a trade for a troubled but talented young man who has the potential to be a solid piece of Miami’s offensive line and I read from many some caution as if Miami is taking a risk or Gamble in making this move. 

“No Risk It No Biscuit” that is a part of Superbowl winning Head Coach Bruce Arians’ coaching lingo and the Dolphins have shown they are willing to take the chance on young talent and give them an opportunity to redeem themselves and so far, they have struck out but they keep trying and I have no problem with that attitude. 

Since Brian Flores has come to Miami the Dolphins have been gamblers as they have taken on young talent that were high picks and for whatever reason they did not work out with their previous teams. It’s a fine line when taking on these players because there are some issues when a team is just ready to part ways and cut their losses. 

In 2019 there was Josh Rosen, Robert Nkemdiche, & Mark Walton who the Dolphins gambled on and lost as none of them are on the current roster. All of them were worth the risk and only Josh Rosen who was released before the start of the 2020 season (much to my displeasure) did not get let go due to issues. 

In 2020 it was WR/RB Lynn Bowden Jr. who the Raiders wanted to dump and Miami took him on and so far, he is still on the roster and did contribute sparingly last season and if he can avoid any off-season drama, he will be back to be the first risky player to pan out? 

So now Miami have made another trade for a troubled young man with so much talent but lacks maturity as being spent by his former team to placate their fans on why they gave this young man who they drafted in the first round of 2020 Pick #29 for nothing as the Dolphins and Titans have swoped 7th round picks for the kid. Tennessee gets him off their books and Miami have bought him on a one-year deal that gives this young man a chance to redeem himself. 

The Trade: (March 8th 2021) 

The Miami Dolphins did a low-risk, high-reward trade Monday when they acquired 2020 Tennessee Titans first-round pick Isaiah Wilson in a deal that involved a swap of late-round picks…The Dolphins will be sending Tennessee their 2021 seventh-round pick for Wilson and a 2022 seventh-round selection, according to SI NFL Senior Reporter Albert Breer. 

Wilson’s Draft Profile…. 

PROS: Massive dude with some explosive movement skills that aren’t expected. Tall, long, and broad. He is 350-pounds but there is not that much bad weight on his frame. There are some technical improvements needed but Wilson is simply a lot to get around for pass rushers. Has all the power necessary to move opponents against their will and generate vertical push in the run game. Has impressive range and he’s pretty consistent connecting with moving targets in space. Punches are devastating when he lands them are it’s game over for opponents. Once his hands are fit, the rep is over. Easily uproots and turns opponents to widen lanes in the run game. Has shown steady improvements in pass protection and his blend of length and footwork is an exciting foundation for him to build upon. Has some exciting moments on tape of framing twitchy rushers and setting up roadblocks up the arc that they simply cannot get around.  

CONS: Highly inconsistent with his hands. Has to develop better timing, placement and variance with his strikes. Gets outreached way too frequently for an offensive tackle with 35.5” arms. Has some tightness in his lowers that present challenges when he has to redirect and pivot. Awareness in pass protection is inconsistent, particularly when passing off rushers. Base has a tendency to narrow and rob himself of power and balance. Footwork in pass protection in terms of reaching set points is under construction.  

BEST TRAIT – Length, Power 

So, Miami gets a young 22-year-old immature talented Lineman for nothing? Oh, they pick up his salary and will have to hold on to him for 2021 (One Year Try Out) to see if he can better fit into Miami’s system and if he does the rewards are HUGE! Yes, he is going to be roasted by his former teams GM and it is a reality check to think that they just wanted to get rid of the kid. 

There is a laundry list of issues that have already been leaked out and written to take shots at Wilson and that is why this brings me to my next point the issues: 

The Titans selected Wilson 29th overall in last year’s NFL Draft, but things went wrong pretty much from the start. The offensive lineman was caught partying multiple times despite COVID-19 restrictions, and was also arrested for driving under the influence. When Wilson tweeted he was finished with the organization, the feeling from the Titans seemed to be mutual. 

So now he is on the Dolphins and what he will do with this oppertunity is totally up to Miami and Wilson! It will take both parties to make it work or not. Miami chose to take the LOW RISK and take on his rookie contract 

Isaiah Wilson signed a 4 year, $11,568,389 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including a $5,973,376 signing bonus, $11,357,982 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $2,892,097. In 2021, Wilson will earn a base salary of $1,135,836, while carrying a cap hit of $1,135,836 and a dead cap value of $5,384,606. (Link) 

The Potential Reward 

Isaiah Wilson is just 22 years old, he is a KID so guess what he might be a little immature so Miami needs to handle him with that understanding, Miami needs to be patient as well as firm in dealing with Wilson. There are many things in his favor in Miami that did not exist in Tennessee, first the Titans starting offensive line are all veteran players and average around 30 years of age.  

Miami adds Wilson to a line that is more around his age group as the Dolphins young line that they just put together last season consist of Austin Jackson 21 years old, Solomon Kindley 23 years old, Robert Hunt 24 years old all of who started last year and showed some potential. Do not forget Michael Deiter 24 years old who was drafted in 2019. 

So, adding Wison who is 22 years old to that unit can be a better situation for him. Miami also has some veteran linemen who are not that old that he might can get some direction from like C Ted Karras who I anticipate them bringing back who is just 27 years old and Ereck Flowers 26 years old who also played decent in his first season in Miami. Wilson will be a better fit with players his age as they can help him adjust to Miami and if he can avoid getting into trouble it will go a long way towards his success. One more person that just might help who is his age is our Young QB Tua Tagovailoa who just turned 23 years old and is probably the most grounded young man on the team. 

Wilson was a first-round pick for a reason he is talented and good and I feel that he will fit in very well in Miami and with the firm hand of Brian Flores to work in his maturation and development this is in no way a gamble or risk and can eventually be one of the biggest returns in an exceptionally low investment for what it can turn out to be for Miami. 

That is what I love about our Dolphins they are trying and leaving “No Stone Unturned” in trying to build a winner and just as with any gamble you might lose more than you win but when you win it can be a huge return…. hopefully, Wilson will bring such a return. 

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