The Perfect Team To Trade Tua To?

Tua Tagovailoa will start Week 8 game for Miami Dolphins

It has been a topic of conversation ever since it has been made public that DeShawn Watson wants out of Houston and it is not going away until a deal is done. The first team mentioned that Watson preferred to go was Miami starting on Jan 10th…

Chris Mortensen@mortreport·Jan 10 Reports about Deshaun Watson’s unhappiness with @HoustonTexans are accurate and sources close to the QB say he is still angry about team’s insensitivity to social justice, including hiring practices, after the franchise failed to interview Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy this past week.

According to ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen, sources confirmed that the Miami Dolphins sit alone atop Watson’s desired destinations. The AFC East runner-ups could offer a competitive package if they wanted to go after the franchise quarterback...

Mortensen reminded fans that Watson currently has a “no-trade” clause in his contract, which he should be able to waive. The Texans would also demand a high price for them to be willing to swap the 25-year-old...

“There is now a growing consensus that Watson will force his way out of Houston and we would command a high-compensation package if the Texans did indeed trade him,” Mortensen said on ESPN’s NFL Countdown per 247Sports. “Just a reminder: Watson has a no-trade clause in his contract. Sources confirm that the Dolphins remain a preferred destination and by the way, another side benefit is Florida no state taxes just like Texas.”

Since the initial report every team’s blogger, fans and reporters have injected their wish of making a trade for Watson, but let’s get it straight Miami is Watsons preferred destination and Miami knows this thanks to Watson’s boy who happens to be one of Miami star defensive player Christian Wilkins. 

So, Miami has their hands on the pulse of what Watson really wants and I suspect Houston knows that Watson wants to come to Miami also, so their leverage is extremely limited. sorry Jets Fans, sorry Panthers Fans, sorry any other team not in Miami but the Dolphins are first in line to get Watson and the better option for him to get to the playoff’s NOW, and that will not change. 

Miami’s GM Chris Grier who abused Houston in the Laremy Tunsil trade will not be duped in a trade for Watson and he don’t have to be because the Dolphins have the leverage if Watson is sold on coming to Miami as he is the one with the no trade clause in his contract and can just not sign off on any deal other than a trade to Miami. 

So, I have been racking my head on how to not give up too much to Houston but offer of fair deal so here is how I feel is the best offer to give Houston and remain firm on the offer. 

Rumors are that Houston does not think highly of Tua and they would not want him in some trade scenario, now that is just rumors and for the life of me I don’t see how Houston would not want to make Tua as part of a trade deal because he is the perfect fit to where they are headed and that is at the beginning of a total rebuild and they will get the draft capital to build around Tua something Miami will do if they do not trade for Watson, (let me kill the other QB rumor of Russel Wilson coming to Miami because I feel the only QB Miami will trade away Tua for is DeShawn Watson). 

So, who would be the best team that is looking for a QB and the perfect place for Tua to be traded and place he would probably love to play? 

The San Francisco 49ers 

That is the perfect match for Tua to go back and play on the West coast and they are looking for a QB. Tua in the hands of Kyle Shanahan would bring out his true potential and they are on the lookout for a new QB, and it also just might be a good place for Ryan Fitzpatrick to go and continue to mentor Tua…??? 

I know I just might be fantasizing but this is my blog and I have the right to do that… 🙂 

So here is the deal Miami trades Tua to the 49ers for their 2021 first & fifth round picks (If not more) in 2021 giving the Dolphins 5 of the top 50 picks #3, #12, #18, in the first round as well as having two 2nd round picks (# 36, & #50) to work out some satisfactory deal to trade to Houston for Watson. 

The Dolphins also can offer future picks and still retain some picks in 2021, but I would prefer we get it all done this year and look forward to our future picks to continue to add young talent to the roster to push out the veteran players.  

 Obviously, this would all be contingent on the 49ers wanting Tua and I cannot see why they would not with speculation of them trading up in the draft with Miami for one of the top rookie QB’s who I would argue Tua if he were in this year’s draft would be ranked higher than about them all minus Trevor Lawrence and Tua at least have one season under his belt. 

So, is this an unrealistic idea? I think not but tell me what you think? 

Remember you read this idea on TDS first because I have followers who have more popular sites that echo my thoughts and don’t give the proper credit…. I take it as a compliment. 

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