Silence Is Golden In Miami

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Another thing that has changed under GM Chris Grier’s tenor ever since he’s gained full control of the team in 2019, is the leaks that often came from Miami has dried up. Last year amongst numerous rumors and speculation on what Miami planned to do in free agency and the draft it all turned out to be a bunch of noise that was never responded to by the Dolphins. 

This offseason is no different as Miami is being linked once again to every potential free agent and draft prospect, we go through this every year. The Dolphins have had plenty of money and draft picks over the past two seasons which has heightened the rumors. 

A year ago, on this same date I wrote an article on why Miami Should Pass On Tua Tagoviola! It was not that I had any animosity towards Tua but I wanted the Dolphins to explore developing Josh Rosen more than drafting another QB as Josh Rosen got a raw deal in both Miami and Arizona and I still hope somehow Rosen somehow gets the last laugh. 

This off-season is no different in that Miami is being rumored to be interested in about every free agent and top draft prospects. Most of these rumors are fan or media driven and some are carefully placed rumors by teams, players or agents. 

The Dolphins on the other hand have remained silent and despite all the noise nobody knows what Miami plan to do and for me that is exactly how I like it! 

It is so refreshing to see the Dolphins on lock down and all the leaks being sealed up! Now I am sure they too will put some things out there with the intent to do some misdirection. But they have remained silent and have requested agents and reporters to keep their business quiet. The best response to any kind of rumors is to remain silent and let those rumors live or die on their own. 

We can still Kinda of get an idea on what Miami has done in the resent past to get an idea of what they MIGHT DO this upcoming free agency and draft. 

So, let’s look at some resent rumors that are out there and if there might be some validity to them. 

Green Bay RB Aaron Jones to Miami 

One of the latest and hottest rumors is that Green Bay RB Aaron Jones wants to come to Miami and I can say that it could be a possibility if Jones who is 26 years old and a back-to-back pro bowl RB is not looking to break the bank and is willing to get 10-12 million dollars a season. 

I initially shot this idea down thinking that Miami would/should not spend too much money for a free agent RB when there are some exceptionally good RB’s in the draft that Miami can get at a cheaper rate and the fact that in the rebuild, I feel it would be better to draft young skilled players that will grow up with Tua and the offense. 

The Dolphins blew it last season by passing on all the top RB’s in the draft and not paying the top free agent RB’s in free agency, instead they took the cheap route and signed veteran RB Jordan Howard to a two year 10-million-dollar contract and traded a 5th round pick for RB Matt Breda to the 49ers. 

By season’s end it came back to bite them in the derriere as Howard was eventually released and Matt Breda for whatever reason was not utilized as well as he should have been, Miami’s running game was 26th in the NFL. That is why I do not get it that RB’s coach Eric Studesville not only was not fired but got promoted??? 

So, I expect them to be more determined to get one or the other if not BOTH a top free agent RB or one of the top RB’s in the 2021 draft. 

Now if Miami works out a trade for DeShaun Watson and give up their top picks in this year’s draft than signing Joens would be a great move. I do think that we already have two RB’s on the roster Gaskin & Ahmed who are of comparable size to Jones and that Miami needs to just add a workhorse RB to the mix and that is why my preference would be to draft Alabama RB Najee Harris (6′ 2″ – 229LBS) and add him to the mix.

I still hate that they let Kenyan Drake go. 

Russell Wilson To Miami?  

I really feel for our young QB Tua Tagovailoa who in just 9 starts have been so disrespected not only from the fans but the media too. This latest act of disrespect is to link Russel Wilson to Miami as if the Seahawks are really going to trade Wilson and even more that Miami would toss aside their young 22-year-old potential franchise QB for an older more established QB like Wilson.  

It is very frustrating how impatient people tend to be, if you want proof of that just look around the next time you drive on the freeway…. unless it is you who is driving like a fool!  

Miami is in just year two of their rebuild and they have plans to build a sustainable team that can last well into the future and I hope they stick with that plan and avoid taking on a 32-year-old QB who seems to be having a fall-out with his team.  

Now the Watson rumor is more of a possibility and I will keep my eyes on that one….  

There are many more rumors out there and here is how you can figure out “IF” Miami might be interested….. 

Age matters! 

Yes, the Dolphins have a age limit for free agents, I do not see them bringing in players older than 27 years in free agency or should I say 30 years or older. The history on such players is not good as injuries start to pile up after spending years taking the pounding that these players take and that is why a free agent RB like Jones who is just 26 years old is still a position you might want to proceed with caution as RB’s age in dog years in the NFL. 

Character Matters! 

If they are players with attitude problems or have been trouble throughout their careers you can about rest assured that there is no place in Brian Flores’ locker room for such players. The only time that might would have happened was in his first year when he was willing to take on some risky players but now that he has established his culture in Miami, players who have baggage are not welcomed! 

Other than that, all is fair game come free agency time and we will never know what Miami plans to do until it is just about a done deal as they are finally leak free in Miami! 

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