Saying No To Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones or Corey Linsley: Which FA should GB prioritize? – The Athletic

This is the time of the year when every player gets rumored to be headed to Miami either a free agent or a Draft pick and there is even a blockbuster trade rumor involving one of the young pro bowl QB’s. So, take all of this with a grain of salt.

These rumors start when a local reporter either by the Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post or the Miami Herald put something out and it hits the echo chamber and gets repeated a billon times over. It makes for very good click bate and gets the reporters name mentioned and after a week or so we will get a new rumor to latch onto.

What gives these rumors some sense of validity is when the report says “A Team Source” or “A High Official” of the team or somebody who knows somebody who knows a team official….usually these rumors are started by agents, fans, teams who might want a players or want to get rid of a player…you get my point!

Well the latest rumor have the Dolphins and free agent RB Aaron Jones having “Mutual Interest” in each other from the Miami Herald and if you look at it that could be a very good signing but it would also cost a lot of money, some saying between 12-15 million dollars a year. The saying is true you get what you pay for in life and Miami has not spent a lot of money on the RB position and it showed last year.

I won’t even get into how Miami blew it last year by passing up on the higher price free agent RB’s like Melvin Gordon who I wanted Miami to get or at least spend a top draft pick on one of the top young RB’s coming into the league like Jonathan Taylor out of Wisconsin who helped the Colts leapfrog Miami into the playoffs and had Miami drafted him it’s a great possibility the Dolphins would have won a few more games utilizing the run game maybe against KC last year? Ok, I’m venting again!

Back to Jones….

So, have you notice the link between RB’s Jones, Gordon and Taylor? They all have Wisconsin ties and I have spent most of my life in Wisconsin so there lies my bias. They also all happen to be very good. Jones is a two-time pro bowl RB who might hit the market and both Gordon and Taylor played huge roles in helping their teams win game and all three would be an upgrade over any RB currently on the Dolphins roster.

With that being said I do not want Miami to get RB Aaron Jones because of the cost and the fact that he has been in the NFL for 3 years and at just 26 years of age he does have some life left in him but how much? To me it would be like buying milk that is a day away from expiration, another issue is Aaron Jones size he is 5′-9″ and 209 LBS so after three years of pounding in the NFL I feel the breakdown is coming. Also, Miami currently have two very good young RB’s of similar size and both are younger than Jones, Myles Gaskin (24) is 5′-9″ 205 LBS and Salvon Ahmed (22) who is 5′-11″ 195 LBS.

Miami needs a complementary Workhorse RB, I would trade our 18th pick to the Titans for RB Derrick Henry who is 6′-3″ 238 LBS and 27 years old. That will not happen but there is a RB coming out in the draft that is very similar to Henry and played for the same college The University of Alabama that is RB Najee Harris who is 22 years old 6′-2″ 229 LBS and Miami needs to draft him with their 18th pick!

Enough with the comments that it is too high to draft a RB or you can get a RB in the later rounds, what has that gotten Miami? RB is one of the biggest needs for Miami because with our Defense and a young QB there is no greater need for this offense than RB, yes greater than the WR position and the Dolphins are in prime position to go and get a young Derrick Henry type back and that is exactly what they need!

So, I say no to spending 12-15 million dollars for a RB that is similar to what we have. Gaskins might would have had the same success as Jones had he played in Green Bay with Rodgers and a better O-line. Miami needs to build the offense through the draft, drafting young players to grow with Tua, we are still early in the rebuild and continued patience is all we need to have in completing the rebuild the correct way.

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