Should Miami Stick With The Plan?

Despite winning 10 games in 2020 we must remember that Miami is only in year two of their rebuild and I cannot praise GM Chris Grier enough for the position our Dolphins are in. Miami currently has 2 first & 2 second round picks in the upcoming NFL draft now just 63 days away. The Dolphins also have the 8th most money to spend in free agency this year with an estimated 35.6 million dollars before they make the moves to free up even more cash.

Miami is set if they stick with the plan and keep their draft picks and spend their money on offense this year. There is possibly a short-cut on the table as the Houston Texans are dealing with a situation that at the moment seems to be headed for a divorce with their star QB Deshawn Watson.

It is that situation that is the subject of this article…

I am sure I can speak for both sides on this issue, I am still on the fence and will stick by my official stance on this subject, I will trust and back whatever decision Miami’s management makes because they have earned my support after how Chris Grier along with Brian Flores has turned this team around.

Sticking with the plan:

If the Dolphins stick with the plan it is simple, they will forgo any pursuit of Deshawn Watson and use every asset they have accumulated to further improve their roster, starting with free agency and on through the draft and if that is what they do I am fine with that because I really want to see our young QB get his second season going with all of the weapons Miami will add through both free agency and the draft.

Miami will first look to the free agent market to begin adding players to improve the roster, I feel it would be a wise move to try and fill the few holes on Defense through free agency as well as another Offensive Lineman and focus on young offensive players that will grow with Tua in the draft.

Looking at free agency here are players I would target if available:

Justin Simmons, S, Broncos, Leonard Williams, DE, Giants, Yannick Ngakoue, EDGE, Ravens, Marcus Williams, S, Saints. Taylor Moton, OT, Panthers, Matt Milano, LB, Bills, Joe Thuney, G, Patriots, JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Steelers Will Fuller, WR, Texans, Carl Lawson, EDGE, Bengals, John Johnson II, S, Rams, Mike Hilton, CB, Steelers, Shaquill Griffin, CB, Seahawks, Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Giants, Jayon Brown, LB, Titans

Miami is in position to add young talented players at positions of need (WR, RB, S/FS, LB, OT/G) I listed the needs in order of greatest need. Here is a realistic way Miami can cover their needs, I went to my draft simulator and targeted the positions of need and this is what I came up with.

  • 3. DeVonta SmithWR, Alabama
  • 18. Najee HarrisRB, Alabama
  • 35. Alex Leatherwood OT, Alabama
  • 50. Dylan MosesLB, Alabama
  • 81. Hamsah Nasirildeen S, Florida State
  • 123. Trey Sermon RB, Ohio State
  • 203. Josh ImatorbhebheWR, Illinois
  • 208. Joshua Kaindoh EDGE, Florida State
  • 252. Robert Rochell CB, Central Arkansas

That is how Miami stick with the plan, improve the defense and O-Line through free agency and then draft young skilled players to grow with Tua.

Abandoning the plan:

We will know soon if the Dolphins are interested in trading for Deshawn Watson because Houston will have to make a move BEFORE the draft if they decide to give up on trying to convince Watson to stay in Houston. I personally feel Watson will be traded but I am not that sure it will be to Miami. Watson does have some leverage and despite any rumors or wish list some of these bloggers put together ultimately Watson will have to agree to the trade and all indications are he wants to go to Miami. A recent photo in Miami of Watson with two Miami Dolphins players (DT’s Raekwon Davis and Christian Wilkins) added more fuel to the rumors, Wilkins is also a former Clemson teammate of Watson.

Image result for deshaun watson and christian wilkins

Having Watson as a Dolphin would put Miami in prime position to not only give Buffalo a run for the division but with the Dolphins defense that would make Miami a true contender for the SB.

So, what would be the plan should Miami acquire Watson?

Once again free agency would be a key factor and Miami would approach free agency differently with Watson as our QB.

After giving up the picks to acquire Watson Miami will have to use free agency to get some weapons for him as the WR position as well as the RB positions become more critical because with Watson, we will be making a run for the SB.

Free Agent Targets with Watson at QB:

Chris Godwin, WR, BuccaneersAllen Robinson, WR, BearsAaron Jones, RB, Packers, Kenny Golladay, WR, LionsJuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, SteelersWill Fuller, WR, TexansCorey Davis, WR, TitansTaylor Moton, OT, PantherCurtis Samuel, WR, PanthersChris Carson, RB, Seahawks,

Players to target in the Draft:

If Miami acquired Watson, they will have at the very least given up the #3 pick in this year’s draft and possibly the 18th as well and a player and or future draft picks to boot!

My offer would be Tua (in the trade with Houston or some other team) his value is a first-round pick, the #3 pick of 2021 as well as the #36th pick of the 2nd round and a player, as well as a conditional 2022 2nd round pick that can be upgraded to a first if Watson meets some conditions.

However the trade happens, under this scenario Miami acquired Watson so what we have as picks in the draft is the 18th pick, 50th pick, 82nd pick, 124th pick, 204th pick, 210th pick, 255th pick. ( I’m Still Trying to confirm the exact picks Miami have)

  • 18. Najee Harris RB, Alabama
  • 50. Richie GrantS, UCF
  • 82. Quincy Roche EDGE, Miami
  • 124. Marvin Wilson IDL, Florida State
  • 204. Joshua Kaindoh EDGE, Florida State
  • 210. Chris Evans RB, Michigan
  • 255. Marquez Stevenson WR, Houston

As you can see Miami is in a win/win situation as they really can do no wrong. Keeping Tua and building around him young talented skilled players is what Miami will do if they decide to stay with Tua as our QB of the future and the good thing is even if Tua does not live up to expectations Miami will still have in place a young offense that is a QB away from taking that next step. (Sticking with the plan)

The other option is to acquire Deshawn Watson and get two top Free agent players to improve the offense and draft the best players they can get in the upcoming draft and get ready for an exciting run in 2021!

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