Should Miami Target RB Aaron Jones In Free Agency?

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 Aaron Jones, the Packers’ Pro Bowl running back will be a top free agent that will hit the market on March 17th and at 26 years of age he will be a target for many teams if the Packers are unable to resign him.

Jones is one of the top RB’s in the game he is 3rd on the list of RB’s who gained the most yards after contact per attempt this season (min. 150+ attempts) with (3.6 y.a.c) just behind Nick Chubb – (4.0, y.a.c) and Derrick Henry – (3.9 y.a.c)

Jones played in 14 of 16 regular-season games and produced 1,459 total yards and 11 total touchdowns. His career-high 1,104 rushing yards ranked fourth in the NFL. He was also third among qualified running backs in yards per carry (5.5), seventh among all players in yards from scrimmage, tied for 11th in rushing touchdowns (nine) and tied for 13th in total touchdowns. He caught 47 passes for 355 yards and two scores. According to Pro Football Focus, he forced 38 missed tackles, averaged 3.54 yards after contact and created 26 explosive runs.

Jones had three 100-yard rushing games, including a career-high 168 in Week 2. He scored a touchdown in 10 of 16 games overall. While his rushing yards increased slightly over 2019, he regressed in total yards and total touchdowns in 2020. Over the last two seasons, Jones is tied for second among all NFL players in total touchdowns (30) and fifth in total yards (3,017). He fumbled twice and was limited to 147 total yards and one touchdown in two postseason games in 2020 Yahoo Sports

I will always defer to GM Chris Grier & HC Brian Flores when it comes to any moves this team makes by saying I trust them implicitly and will support any decision they make. I might not always agree but who can argue with how these men have turned Miami around so quickly and have them headed in the right direction?

A RB is the best friend of any QB but for a young QB like Tua it could mean a world of difference to have a top RB in the backfield. Just think of how Miami’s last starting QB Ryan Tannehill has looked different in Tennessee after having one of the best RB’s in the game that beast Derrick Henry.

Much like last season the Dolphins name will be in the mix of any and every potential trade or free agent pickup because of the resources they have both in cap space and draft capital. So, it is no surprise that Miami is listed as one of the teams that might go after Aaron Jones.

Evan Massey@massey_evan·5#Packers running back Aaron Jones is expected to receive heavy interest from the #Dolphins#49ers#Steelers, and #Bears. Plenty of other teams will have interest, but those four are teams to keep a close eye on. Green Bay would still like to re-sign him as well.

Should Miami spend big money on RB Aaron Jones?

I personally would not because as much as we all would love for our Dolphins to leapfrog the process of rebuilding (We are only in year 2 of the rebuild) I feel it would be better to spend Miami’s free agency money on defense and use the draft to get young offensive players to surround Tua Tagovailoa with and let them grow together, that is what I would do.

In my latest mock draft I made an all offense Mock draft and the players listed would be ideal to add to Miami’s roster.

So as far as Aaron Jones I like the fact that he is just 26 years old, but he has also spent the past 3+ years taking the abuse of an NFL schedule and it will not be long before his body starts to break down as the shelf life of a NFL RB is the shortest life of just about any other player due to the pounding they receive every play.

I personally would pass on paying the money Aaron Jones will command in free agency and my only hope is that Buffalo do not somehow end up with him on their roster. 🙂

 What do you think should Miami target Aaron Jones? Let me know in the comment section below…

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