A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush II!

Texans rumors: Deshaun Watson would consider Dolphins trade

I am hoping these Deshaun Watson trade rumors would just go away because I do not want to lose Tua Tagovailoa and he and his agent is doing a great job in putting him out there to plead his case in a brilliant way.

Tua has been speaking up and I am sure quite a few are listening, I sure am! With these constant rumors of him being involved in trade talks (mostly from outside sources) make no mistake about it Miami is listening and planning a strategy. Will Miami get involved in trade talks for Watson? I would love to get Watson on this team because the stinking Jets are putting out their spin on Watson as if somehow, he would rather be a Jets player over Miami? (PLEASE STOP THE FOOLISH TALK)

Having the 2nd overall pick in the draft is not that much different than owning the 3rd pick so the Jets do not have that great of an advantage in draft capital as Miami have the #3 & 18th pick and the Jets have the #2 and 24th pick so the Dolphins second first round pick is 6 spots higher than the Jets while they are one spot higher with their first pick. New York is one of the highest taxed states in the country and they just went through a blizzard where they got 17-30 inches of snow, while Miami, Florida is having their yearly December average of 78 °F

Watson would join a Dolphins team that is a pro bowl QB away from making a serious run at a SB title let alone a playoff berth! The Jets are a mess and have been for many years! They are years away from being a contender!

That is not why I am writing this article, because In a way I would love for the Jets to mortgage their future and pay Watson’s contract while trading at least 3 first round picks and maybe a young player or two (Not sure who that would be on that talentless team)  don’t get me wrong, I want Watson for Miami, I just don’t want Miami to pay the price that is being tossed around as compensation for Watson.

I have come to like the idea of building around Tua and seeing what he will do as he develops. His recent appearances with various talk show hosts have been a stroke of genius because when you listen to the kid he is contrite, saying his rookie season was not up to his standard and that he will only worry about what he can control and for him that means using the off season to get better mentally and physically.

I love this kid and I for one don’t want to be caught up in the mess that some of these callous sports writers like the Miami media who are hell bent on making it known that they think Miami should do whatever they can to get Watson.

I am still on the fence, but I am leaning towards Miami sticking with Tua and building around him this off-season, keeping their picks, and drafting his college teammates Smith or Waddle & Harris if not more.

Listen to his interview with Mike Greenberg and tell me Tua is not doing a great job making an argument to remain the Dolphins QB.

It would be so ironic that Miami trade Tua and he becomes a top 10 QB in the upcoming years! That’s why there is truth in the cliché A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush!

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2 thoughts on “A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush II!”

  1. Build the team around Tua. If it was 3 years into his career and he was playing sub par, than moving on would make sense. People who want to label him a bust after only 9 games (with no camp) are fools that I could easily sell magic beans to.The team didn’t amass the cap room and draft capital it has with the plan of throwing it away. You calibrate a machine thats in working condition, putting shiny paint on it changes nothing.

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