Miami Dolphins 2021 Free Agency Plans A & B

This year Miami has an option to possibly get a 25-year-old QB who is a top 5 player. He led the league in passing with 4823 yards passing 33 TD’s (tied for 7th) and 7 INT’s, those are pro bowl numbers and yes, he made the Pro Bowl.

I know many are on both sides of this issue and I am right down the middle because I am fine in either way GM Chris Grier goes. I want Watson (The Impatient Side of Me) and I would love to see how Tua develops in year two with weapons.

So, this is what Miami should do either way they go!

Let’s start off with Miami making a trade to send Houston Picks and players in exchange for Deshawn Watson…I outlined in a previous article how it can be done, here is the jest of how I would make the deal.

I in no way have an issue if Miami did forgo going after Watson because I too am intrigued by what Tua can become when he is surrounded with weapons and the new OC whoever that may be.

Tua if (Houston is interested in him in a trade) is exactly what Houston needs starting from scratch and if they acquire Miami’s #3 Pick, they will be in position to draft who many of us wanted Miami to draft with the 3rd pick Tua’s college teammate and Heisman trophy winner Devanta Smith.

Remember what I said the compensation most feel that would be required to get Watson is 3 first round pick? Well, every first-round pick brings different value, and a top 3 pick is equal to two lower first round picks and Tua who was drafted last year @ #5 is also worth at least a first-round selection to acquire even with his up and down rookie season.

So Tua and Miami’s 2021 #3 pick should really be more than enough! But I say sweeten the deal and offer one of our 2nd two round picks as well but that would be the #50th pick!

Now what if Houston do not want Tua? Well, I am sure GM Chris Grier will have more than enough suiters who would be willing to give up a first-round pick to get Tua from Miami. Teams like the Saints, 49ers, Colts, Bears, Tampa Bay, Jaguars, Panthers, Raiders to name a few. (Teams in bold are great fits IMO)

Miami upon trading Tua to some other team will be able to add that pick to the pot to make that trade happen.


So, Miami successfully trades for Watson they will have most likely lost the #3 pick Tua and maybe a 2nd rounder this year or a first rounder next year. Or if Houston is not interested in Tua, Miami will more than easily find a team who will trade for the young prospect, believe that.

So, we have Watson and if that is the case Miami should immediately use whatever money they need to get WR Allen Robinson from the Chicago Bears who will be one of the top free agents on the market. Miami should also try and sign another top young defensive player in free agency as well.

If Miami can retain the 18th pick from the Watson trade this year, they should use it to get RB Najee Harris of Alabama because he will not last out of the first round so if he is there at 18 DRAFT HIM! Don’t make the same mistake twice and pass on one of the top RB’s in the draft this year, Quit devaluing the RB position! The Dolphins can also use the rest of the draft to add young skilled talent to the roster. I will go more into detail if the trade does happen.


Let’s say Houston is asking ridiculous compensation for Watson, then Miami should stick with the rebuild and use their draft capital to get Tua his weapons, so with the number 3 pick Miami SHOULD take Devonta Smith WR Alabama and there should be no debate about it especially if Tua wants his college teammate and I am sure the second guesser will have something to say about that as some will say that WR Ja’Marr Chase or some other top 10 player should be the choice.

This draft (if Miami still has Tua) should be about making Tua as comfortable as they can and to not take his homeboy from Alabama would not be a good move. Now I do have a trade down idea that I will post soon where they risk passing on Devonta Smith and move down a few spots like 8th to the Panthers and get more draft capital in this year and or next year’s draft but still be in reach of Smith. If he is taken off the board than Miami should get Jaylen Waddle WR or Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama and still at 18 and take RB Najee Harris of Alabama, he should be there.

The rest of the draft will go as my resent mock draft plays out:

3. DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama / Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama

18. Najee Harris RB Alabama / WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama / OT/G, Alex Leatherwood Alabama

35. Mac Jones QB, Alabama / Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama /

54. Christian Barmore IDL, Alabama / Landon Dickerson IOL, Alabama

81. Patrick Jones II EDGE, Pittsburgh

121. Trey Sermon RB, Ohio State

197. Austin Watkins WR, UAB

202. Marco Wilson CB, Florida

254. Jamar Watson EDGE, Kentucky

Stay tuned as I upgrade my Mock Draft at least once a week and will go hyperspace as we get closer to the draft.

So, to sum up. If Miami gets Watson than sign a Top veteran FA WR (Allen Robinson from Chicago) to add to the mix and use whatever draft picks remaining to select the players from my mock draft.

If Tua is still here than draft a top YOUNG ALABAMA WR (Smith or Waddle) and follow my mock draft with the remaining picks. BUT THEY MUST GET RB NAJEE HARRIS no matter what with the 18th pick!

How do you like my plans? Tell me in the comments….

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