What Will It Take To Get Watson?

Reports say Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston

Ok I am on board and feel Miami should definitely make a move to get Deshawn Watson and even though there are many who are trying to put their teams in position to get Deshawn the facts are Miami is in the best shape to attract Deshawn Watson because he is the one person that holds the key to a trade actually going down because he has a No Trade Clause in his contract and so no matter what Watson must sign off on any trade.

Watson’s admiration for how Miami is structured with their GM and HC plays a huge role in his desire to be in Miami, as well as no state taxes and the warm weather, Sorry Jets Fans! So, all this other chatter does not matter (Poet and didn’t know it) because at the end of the day Watson holds the leverage and Miami have the capital to make a deal if they are interested! (They Should Be!!!)

So, let me tell you what Miami SHOULD do:

Word has it that it will take at the very least 3 First Round Picks to get Watson. Miami currently have the 3rd overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, ironically it is Houston’s pick that GM Chris Grier wisely traded LT Laremy Tunsil for back in 2019. Part of that deal was getting Houston’s 2021 1st and 2nd round picks.

Houston still has a pro bowl LT in Tunsil but they now have no 1st and 2nd round picks in the upcoming draft and they are cash strapped and will need to rebuild most likely, that’s why in addition to possibly trading Watson they are already preparing to unload JJ Watt and others too due to salary cap issues.

  1. Laremy Tunsil – $19,400,000
  2. J.J. Watt – $17,500,000
  3. Deshaun Watson – $15,940,000
  4. Brandin Cooks – $12,000,000
  5. Whitney Mercilus – $12,000,000
  6. Zach Cunningham – $11,400,000
  7. Randall Cobb – $10,625,000
  8. David Johnson – $9,000,000
  9. Nick Martin – $8,750,000
  10. Benardrick McKinney – $8,5000,000

They have a new GM who they took from New England and he has a mess on his hands and not a lot to work with. I am sure his main thought is to try and appease Watson and walk down this Raging Fire he has on his hands. Rumor has it Houston has already had internal discussions on trading partners for Watson, so it is no longer an impossibility that Watson could be dealt. To hit the reset button Houston needs to dump some of their top salaries and get back some draft picks that can ease the pressure on their wallet.

So how should Miami approach this issue?

First, YES Miami should be interested because they are a Deshawn Watson away from being a legitimate contender within the division and in the NFL! We know what Watson has become and we are hoping what Tua will become.

I in no way have an issue if Miami did forgo going after Watson because I too am intrigued by what Tua can become when he is surrounded with weapons and the new OC whoever that may be.

Tua if (Houston is interested in him in a trade) is exactly what Houston needs starting from scratch and if they acquire Miami’s #3 Pick, they will be in position to draft who many of us wanted Miami to draft with the 3rd pick Tua’s college teammate and Heisman trophy winner Devanta Smith.

Remember what I said the compensation most feel that would be required to get Watson is 3 first round pick? Well, every first-round pick brings different value, and a top 3 pick is equal to two lower first round picks and Tua who was drafted last year @ #5 is also worth at least a first round selection to acquire even with his up and down rookie season.

So Tua and Miami’s 2021 #3 pick should really be more than enough! But I say sweeten the deal and offer our 2nd pick in round 2 as well that would be the #50th pick!

Now what if Houston do not want Tua? Well, I am sure GM Chris Grier will have more than enough suiters who would be willing to give up a first-round pick to get Tua from Miami. Teams like the Saints49ers, Colts, Bears, Tampa Bay, Jaguars, Panthers, Raiders to name a few. (Teams in bold are great fits IMO)

Miami upon trading Tua to some other team will be able to add that pick to the pot to make that trade happen.

So what do you think, should Miami trade for Watson?

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