Time to Bring Tua’s Brothers Home To Miami!

DeVonta Smith - Football - University of Alabama Athletics
Alabama South?

Why Alabama Players are the perfect fit for Miami. Alabama head coach Nick Saban is a disciplinarian much like Miami Head Coach Brian Flores so players from Saban’s program will fit well playing for Brian Flores.

Alabama has some of the best players available in positions of need to help in the development of our young rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa. Miami happens to have another year of multiple picks in the top 50. Two first round picks #3, #18, and Two second Round picks #36, #50.

Alabama is the place Miami should be shopping come the 2021 NFL Draft there are at least 11 players from Alabama projected to go in the first 50 picks and with Miami having 4 of the top 50 (for now) the Crimson Tide is the place to look for help. There are 4 players just in Alabama that Miami can bring home to play with their former signal caller Tua.

The Dolphins biggest needs are on the offensive side of the ball as their Defense was better than the offense in 2020 so this off-season Miami needs to spend most of their resources on helping the offense catch up to the defense by getting Tua some weapons.

It is almost too obvious what Miami SHOULD DO with the #3 pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Pick #3. Miami Dolphins Select: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

Smith is electric, he also won the Heisman Trophy usually reserved for QB’s. Smith is the first WR since 1991 (Desmond Howard) to win that honor and only the 4th WR in history to do so. What makes Smith such a lock is his history with Miami’s starting QB Tua Tagovailoa also an Alabama Alum and Smiths QB from 2017-2019 so they have history together and that can be carried over to the Dolphins.

DeVonta Smith has great hands and is an excellent route runner and he totally embarrassed Ohio State in the National Championship game with 12 catches for 215 yards and 3 TD’s IN THE FIRST HALF!!!! Smith proved to be the best in college last year. Smith’s humble personality and team first attitude will blend in well in Miami.

There will be a bunch of hype just like last year leading up to the draft as rumors and lies will fly around like crazy because of Miami’s wealth of draft picks. At the end of the day Miami needs to get Tua has college WER teammate DeVonta Smith and let them grow together.

Pick #18Miami Dolphins Select: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama 

The Dolphins need to get their running game on track, and they need to STOP passing on top RB’s in the Draft thinking that flawed idea that you can get a RB anywhere in the draft. It’s time to invest a top pick on a RB. Last year’s draft disappointed quite a few of us as Miami passed on the top RB in the draft and did not pay the price of RB Melvin Gordan.

I am sure after that mistake they will now do the right thing and get one of the top RB’s in the 2021 NFL draft. Harris is a power runner with good speed and the agility to make players miss or he can just run through them.

He will not make it out of the first round so Miami will need to use their second pick in the draft to get the stud RB from Alabama!

Pick # 36 Miami Dolphins Select: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama 

Miami takes LB Dylan Moses to add more depth and talent in the LB room as this young stud is what Miami needs. He has played all three linebacker positions for the tide and has played very well. He has side-line to side-line speed and is very hard to outrun. Having this young stud on our defense will just improve what is already a top 10 defense and his versatility is exactly what Brian Flores Covets.

Pick # 50 Miami Dolphins Select: Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama

The Dolphins young rookie Lineman got plenty of exposure that will only make them that much more prepared in their 2nd season to not only improve but aid in helping Dickerson adjust to the next level.

Miami could also target these Alabama Players that have declared to enter the NFL draft:

CB Patrick Surtain (projected to go in the first round early), WR Jaylen Waddle (projected to go in the first round mid round), DT Christian Barmore (projected to go in the first round mid round), OT/G, Alex Leatherwood (projected to go in the first round mid – late round), QB Mac Jones (projected to go in the first round late or early 2nd round), G Deonte Brown (projected to go early 2nd round), CB Josh Jobe (projected to go early to mid-2nd round).

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