Armando Salguero Is A Dolphin Troll!

A message from Armando Salguero about sports-only subscription | Miami  Herald
Self Seeking Liar!

Miami Herald’s Dolphins writer Armando Salguero gets my vote as the worst Dolphins beat writer in the state of Florida. He is a troll and a liar who spreads false, malicious gossip just to get National Attention. He tries in every way to undermine the team and I will never support the Herald in any way as long as that troll is there. And they want us to pay for that content?

Remember last year (2019) when it became National news that Miami was tanking? Many jumped on that narrative and some put their foot in their mouths by criticizing the Dolphins even though they were not tanking. It was a huge distraction as Brian Flores in his first season as Miami’s head coach as well as GM Chris Grier had to respond to such foolish talk and say that the Dolphins were not tanking.

It was just before the 2019 season started that Armando Salguero wrote the article claiming that Miami planned to tank in 2019 based off his taking something owner Stephen Ross said out of context and wrote the article that went national and the Dolphins were heavily criticized, especially when Miami got out of the gates slow in 2019. Remember Miami got off to their worst start in team history!

The slow start seemed to support the lies that Armando started and it did not take long before the National Sports Media started dumping on Miami, it even got to some of the players who listened to the outside noise and began to look for a way to get out! As Salguero doubles down on his lies!

After Miami lost to the Ravens 59-10 in their 2019 season opener that narrative lead to some players wanting to jump ship!

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, “multiple Dolphins players” contacted their agents after the game, demanding that they engineer trades to get them out of there. The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, meanwhile, writes that the Dolphins roster “notably includes multiple players who privately say they don’t really trust or believe in [Coach Brian] Flores all that much” and that multiple players “rolled their eyes” when Flores advised his team to let the despair of such an embarrassing loss “sink in.”

Noticed how Salguero used “Unnamed Players who he says said, “notably includes multiple players who privately say they don’t really trust or believe in [Coach Brian] Flores all that much” … Well shortly after Flores got his wind the Dolphins ended the season not tanking but won 5 Games and proved the Miami Herald sportswriter to be the liar he is!

That liar who is an attention seeking Clown, once again is up to no good as he now wrote an article (With the intent for National Media to pick up his lies) where he quotes “Unnamed Sources” who says they do not trust Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa and that some were not impressed with his play.

First, for this clown to use “Unnamed Sources” I first ask myself if Armando did not (just like he did in his lying article of the Dolphins Tanking last year) take what the players he is quoting said out of context or even if he is making up these sources just to get attention!

Either way this slimeball is trying his best to undermine the team a team that not only did not tank last year but they also won 10 games this year! There is nothing negative one can say about the Dolphins but people who are self-seeking will always go negative!

Shame on you Armando you must have a miserable life to always try and find a way to use our Dolphins to promote your agenda that seems to be write lies to get national attention!

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