From The Floor To The Ceiling?

The Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa–Ryan Fitzpatrick Conundrum Just Won't Go Away  - The Ringer

Nothing irritates me more than short-sighted people who fail to see beyond the trees. I have the motto on this site, a motto that I truly believe “Accentuate The Positive Eliminate The Negative” That is why The Dolphin Seer exist because the sports writers of the main stream media will almost 100% go negative despite so many things we should be positive (Happy) about. Like a 10-6 season in year two of the rebuild!

I read an article from a person who I deem to be one of the most sinical, negative reporters who always seem to want to undermine the team. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald wrote an article that proves that very fact.

While Dolphins promise to evaluate entire team some players have evaluated Tua Tagovailoa

This article is an attempt to show some disgruntled players (I have an Idea who one might be) who speaks out against team management and our Rookie QB for saying that Tua is our starter despite claiming that there will be competition throughout the team. Armando quotes some players who feel that Tua was nothing special and who felt that 17-year veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was better at QB than our 22-year-old Rookie QB Tua Tagovailola.

What both Armando and those cowards who chose to voice their opinions fail to understand is that Brian Flores KNOWS that Tua was not better than Ryan and we do not know to this day if Brian was given marching orders to start Tua or if that was truly his decision alone.

Either way that was the right call and the title of this articles gives you a hint to where I am going with this.

Floor vs Ceiling

Tua Taga is on the floor of his career and nobody knows what the outcome will be. At 22 years old he came into the NFL under totally different circumstances than most rookie QB’s did in the history of the game and before you throw Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert in this conversation try and pay attention, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OUR QB!

We all have eyes, and we all know that Fitzpatrick was the better option this year at QB, but this is not Ryan’s time his time has passed! This is about giving our young QB his chance that they promised him when they chose him 5th overall in the 2020 NFL draft!

They committed to Tua that he will be our starting QB and that is why he was given the starting job despite Fitzpatrick being the more experienced QB. It’s now time for Tua to get starting experience in the NFL. How else will he get the chance to develop?

Ryan Fitzpatrick has reached his ceiling! He will get no better than what he has been, there is a reason why he (after 16 years in the NFL) is on his 8th team (most likely 9th as he is a free agent) in 16 seasons. He is a very good QB but he will never be a SB caliber QB.

Even if Ryan Fitzpatrick started the whole season the Dolphins would have not made it to the Super Bowl because they are not ready. Do you think starting Ryan Fitzpatrick would have changed the outcome of the Bills Game? The score might have been different, but the outcome would have been the same.

The one player I suspect to be voicing his negative opinion is a veteran player on the defensive side of the ball. How did his unit do against Buffalo who put up 56 points on them? It’s not Tua’s fault Miami got embarrassed by Buffalo 56-26, teams with a Championship caliber defense would not need more than 26 points to win games!

So, for any player to evaluate Tua or point fingers I ask them to go back and look at their performance against Buffalo and evaluate that! That was a total team embarrassing loss.

General Manager Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores has earned my trust and whatever decision they make I fully support even if I might disagree at times (They Should have drafted My Boy Jonathan Taylor out of Wisconsin last year) I still know that in just their 2nd year of rebuilding this team went 10-6!

The loss to Buffalo helped this team realize that they still have work to do to get to the next level. Buffalo is 2 years ahead of Miami based off their QB position and Josh Allen has moved from the floor (Compare his rookie season to now) and Tua is just getting his footing on the floor (sort of speaking).

Who knows how good our Rookie QB can be, but we know what we had in Ryan Fitzpatrick and the fact that players on the team wanted Ryan as our starter over Tua is all the more reason why Miami should move on from Fitzpatrick and if some players have an issue with that than maybe they too can follow Fitzpatrick!

GM Chris Grier did the right thing when he declared Tua as our starting QB for next year and I know they will bring in somebody to push Tua for his job. It should not be a 16-year veteran player who can upstage a young QB due to his advantage of playing that many years in the league, but we know Fitzpatrick’s ceiling.

We have yet to see Tua’s ceiling and that will take two things, Time, and Help. Tua needs weapons and this upcoming draft should provide him with that help so that not only Tua but the team can reach their ceiling.

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1 thought on “From The Floor To The Ceiling?”

  1. It’s mind boggling how so many will chastise this team after a 10 win season, and be critical of a rookie QB that was basically delegated to a watered-down playbook….and Armondo’s garbage…why is it allegedly disgruntled players only speak to him?

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