The Deshaun Watson To Miami Rumors Won’t Die

Top Deshaun Watson landing spots if he's traded this offseason | PFN
Is Miami Interested?

Ok, I initially dismissed the rumor as a pipe dream and no way to come about. Why would Houston trade their young franchise QB who I also said was overrated more so because I was defending our young Rooke QB Tua Tagovailoa.

But what I called a pipe dream (still somewhat of a longshot) is getting legs……according to Chris Mortenson

Reports about Deshaun Watson’s unhappiness with @HoustonTexans are accurate and sources close to the QB say he is still angry about team’s insensitivity to social justice, including hiring practices, after the franchise failed to interview Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy this past week…Sources say Watson could play hardball with Texans about a trade. His new $156 million contract includes a no-trade clause but informed speculation from a source is that he would consider the @MiamiDolphins in which Tua Tagovailoa and additional compensation goes to Houston.

Now keep in mind so far this is coming from one side the Watson camp and you have heard NOTHING from Miami on this issue, but I am sure the Dolphins are aware of the situation and will monitor it.

I stick with my initial feelings on this matter it is a long shot, and I would rather Miami stick with Tua and get him help on offense. Watson went 4-12 last season what makes any of you think he would have done better in Miami where he would still be lacking the weapons on offense to make a difference.

The biggest issues I have is the compensation Houston would demand to get Watson and Watson’s current contract. The Dolphins would have to give up at the very least one of their first-round picks if not both and Tua for Watson.

Deshaun Watson signed a 4-year, $156,000,000 contract with the Houston Texans, including a $27,000,000 signing bonus, $110,717,123 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $39,000,000. In 2020, Watson will earn a base salary of $1,177,123, a signing bonus of $27,000,000 and a roster bonus of $1,177,123, while carrying a cap hit of $9,808,207 and a dead cap value of $75,771,084.

1.$45 millionPatrick MahomesChiefs
2.$39 millionDeshaun WatsonTexans
3.$35 millionRussell WilsonSeahawks
4.$34 millionBen RoethlisbergerSteelers
T5.$33.5 millionJared GoffRams
T5.$33.5 millionAaron RodgersPackers
7.$33 millionKirk CousinsVikings
8.$32 millionCarson WentzEagles
9.$31.4 million (tag)Dak PrescottCowboys
10.$30 millionMatt RyanFalcons

Watson’s contract makes him the 2nd highest paid QB in the league, is he the 2nd best QB in the NFL?

A lot of this is driven by many who were disappointed with Tua’s rookie season as well as many feeling the Dolphins passing on Justin Herbert who had a rookie of the year season, was a mistake. (in hindsight)

The Dolphins are doing just fine in how they are rebuilding, and I want to see how it turns out when they get some weapons on offense to help Tua because Miami’s offense would need upgrading even if they made a deal to get Watson.

I am not on board (for now) with Miami trying to get Watson. But I am keeping my eye on it non the less…stay tuned!

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