Tua Tagovailoa Is Not A Disposable Diaper!

5 things we learned from Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa on Sunday

I find it funny how so many who went overboard when Miami selected “Fan Favorite” draft prospect QB Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.

I on the other hand did not go overboard with the pick of Tua and quite frankly would have been fine had Miami not used their #5 Pick on Tua. If you go back to my mock drafts of 2020 I wanted Miami to stick with Josh Rosen and draft a defensive player, the player I really wanted was Chase Young but the Dolphins due to winning 5 games last year was out of the hunt for Young because he could have been the top pick IMO and was correctly taken with the #2 pick of the draft.

The knock on Tua coming out of college was he was injury prone and many feared he could suffer another injury, especially to his hip that he had a serious career threatening injury in college. In fact, I was one of those who had expressed that concern this past April.

But as a life-long Dolphins fan (over 52 years) I had come to accept Miami’s decision to draft Tua and I was just hoping for the best because he is now a Dolphin player.

Tua had a better than average but not as good as some had expected/hoped rookie season, and because of that our young signal caller is now in the crosshairs of some of these fickle fans and media folks! (Dave Hyde)

So instead of looking forward towards our young signal caller’s 2nd season some are already willing to explore wild rumors and second guess (in hindsight) bypassing QB Justin Herbert in the 2020 NFL draft who was taken directly after Miami took Tua 5th overall.

The season is not fully over as we have the playoffs that starts tomorrow as 14 teams are in the hunt for the 2020-2021 SB championship. But for teams like our Dolphins who are out of the playoffs many are already doing their evaluations and some who have fired their GM’s or Coaches are in full court press to find replacements for the folks they have fired.

The Dolphins don’t have an issue with their GM & Head Coach both of whom are deserving of commendation from the fans and potentially recognition from the league for GM & Coach of the year awards!

So back to the topic at hand, our young signal caller who is being thrown under the bus with wild rumors that will never happen and instead of seeing the potential of growth from Tua who played not even a full 16 games in his rookie campaign (10 starts, 8 full games) some are already speculating on actually trying to trade our 22 year old QB for a pipedream that somehow The Houston Texans might be willing to trade their 25 year old signal caller who some say is a franchise QB (I do not agree) Deshawn Watson who has expressed some displeasure with the team for not involving him in the selection of their Newly hired Nick Caserio as general manager.

It has been reported that Watson was upset because he was not consulted and made a tweet that sort of implies that very fact! He tweeted “Some things never change….” in how Houston hired Nick Caserio without his blessings and the fact that he wants Houston to consider hiring the Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy as head coach, but have yet to invite him for a visit.

Let me first say how would the Dolphins GM and Head coach Brian Flores look at the way Watson’s attitude that this 25-year-old QB feels he should be involved in management decision making? I think that is the kind of player Brian Flores is trying to avoid.

None the less due to Deshawn Watson’s expressing some displeasure in how the team is operating and many feeling Houston might be looking to do a rebuild and let some high-priced players go like JJ Watt (30) and maybe exploring trading a disgruntled Watson.

As you will need to get used to, just like last season the Dolphins due to a plethora of draft picks (4 of the top 50) and cap space (7th best in the league) will be linked to just about every rumor out there and some are foolishly latching on to this WILD IDEA that Houston will trade Watson and that Miami should investigate it!

Dave Hyde Sr Sports writer of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel wrote this Commentary Hyde: If Houston is dumb enough to trade Watson, Dolphins should be first in line | Commentary this is the same guy that said last March…

“I’d offer three, first-round picks to Cincinnati for Joe Burrow. He’s the most valuable piece in the NFL draft. He’s the player they’ve chased for 20 years…I’d even goose the pot a bit more, if needed. Another third-rounder, if needed.”

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald worte this…In the off chance the Texans shop Deshaun Watson, the Dolphins make a ton of sense.

And Alain Poupar Dolphins SI beat writer wrote this The Watson Watch and the Dolphins in it he states this fact Watson has the second-highest annual average salary among all NFL quarterbacks (behind only Patrick Mahomes) and shortly after says… yes, the Dolphins absolutely, positively, unequivocally should be one of those teams making that call — if the idea of Houston shopping Watson came to pass (get it?).

So, you have three Major sports analyst all on board with throwing our Rookie QB Tua Tagovailola under the bus, some even suggesting a package deal of our top 2 picks and Tua for Watson!

How Disrespectful!

First of all, these same writers will be the first to criticize Miami’s management for drafting Tua and then trying to dump him! Second, back to my point about the 25-year-old Watson thinking he should have a say into who the team owner hires…really?!!!

Tua is our QB! Get used to it and much like Watson who is a very good QB what was the Texans record? (4-12) Well, some will say he lost his best WR in a trade when former Houston Heasd coach and bone head/Dolphins hero Bill O’Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins and gave up a boat load of picks to our Dolphins for Laremy Tunsil!

Tua Tagovailoa had more wins (6) than Watson had (4) this season! Now I am not saying Tua is better than Watson (Who I feel is overrated) but just like Watson, Tua needs help to win games just like every QB in the league! Give Tua DeAndre Hopkins and the 2019 DeVante Parker as wideouts! Or how about Tua having the luxuri of a Derrick Henry in the backfield? Or the two young studs that Baker Mayfield has in Cleveland?

So, stop throwing OUR GUY Tua Tagovailoa under the bus! Trust in the process and let ‘s see how this off-season unfolds and trust that GM Chris Grier and Head coach Brian Flores as well as the excellent folks in Miami’s front office that selected Tua and added players this past off-season that turned Miami’s defense into one of the top Defenses in the league as well as drafted three young O-Lineman that cut their teeth in 2021 (and did quite well) that they will have a plan in place to give Tua and this offense players we need to help this team take the next step in the rebuilding process that is ahead of schedule, and we are just in year two!

Tua is not disposable! It’s Time to get him some weapons!

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