Tua Out Performed His Peers!

How the Bengals, Dolphins and Chargers Vetted Their New QBs - Sports  Illustrated

Tua had the better season of the top 3 QB’s drafted in 2020 PERIOD!

Here are the facts…

Joe Burrow was the first overall pick of the 2020 NFL draft as the Bengals avoided who many considered to be the best QB Draft Prospect Tua Tagovailoa because of injury concerns…. Well, how did that work out for them? Can you imagine if that had been our Rookie QB who was lost to a severe knee injury?

Burrow was having a rookie of the year season prior to his unfortunate injury and I really hope the best for the kid because he is very likeable! He was a worthy pick at number one. But let’s take a look at his stats before the injury.

65.3 Completions2,688 Yards Passing13 TD’s5 INT’s89.8 QBR

Those are very good numbers and like I said had he not suffered the injury he did he was on his way to Rookie of the year!

Justin Herbert was taken 6th overall just after Tua Tagavailoa was taken by the Dolphins. Herbert just like Burrow had an amazing season and he is the prototypical QB Tall 6′-6″, big arm and seems to have caught on very well as his 2020 season after Burrow went down was by far the best numbers from a rookie QB in years

In 15 games this season, the rookie quarterback completed 67 percent of his passes, threw for 4336 yards, 31 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions.

The article goes on to say…

Herbert broke Cam Newton’s record for most touchdowns in a rookie season. Newton had 35 while Herbert finished his season with 36. One record many fans hoped the rookie quarterback would break was most passing yards by a rookie quarterback set by Andrew Luck.Coming into Sunday’s game, Herbert needed 341. He finished the game 39 yards shy.

Tua on the other hand unlike both Herbert and Burrow did not start the season as Miami’s starting QB and rightfully so because he was not the better QB on the team and quite frankly never was on 2020 as Ryan Fitzpatrick who is a 16-year veteran QB and a gunslinger who has seen all there is to see from defense was truly better. But he was not what was in Miami best interest and the Dolphins did the right thing in getting Tua in the starting lineup after their BYE week that was moved up due to schedule changes because of Covid-19.

Miami might have had planned all along to get Tua into the starting lineup after the original BYE week that was set for week 11 before the Covid change: Miami’s bye week will now be Week 7, with the previously scheduled Los Angeles Chargers at Dolphins game that weekend moving to replace the Jets game in Week 10.

The Dolphins due to the change stuck with their plan and started Tua AFTER THEIR BYE WEEK! It truly was the right thing to do!

Tua started 9 games was benched in two of them he at times looked like the QB we all were looking for and in the best game of the season for me that he had vs the Cardinals on November 8th 2020 I was proud that he just about matched Kyler Murry’s play and Murry played off the hook!

The Dolphins won that game in a shoot-out that required Tua to step up his game and boy did he! Tua passed for 248 yards 2 TD’s and zero INT’s he also rushed for 35 yards on 7 carries. Statistically Tua’s numbers did not equal Burrow’s nor Herbert’s, Tua finished with 1,814 yards on 290 pass attempts (6.3 yards per attempt) for 11 touchdowns and five picks. Tagovailoa also ran the ball 36 times for 109 yards and three scores in 10 games (nine starts) so how can I say Tua had the better season?

What is the most important stat that I left out? Win/Loss record!

Joe Burrow started 10 games and suffered a season ending knee injury against the Washington Team in the 3rd quarter but befor the injury he had only 2 wins and 1 tie and 8 losses for 2020!

Justin Herbert started 15 games and had a very great statistical season but in his 15 starts the Chargers won only 6 and lost 9 games now some will blame the losses on the recently fired HC Anthony Lynn but where do we cross the line between crediting a QB for wins and losses?

Tua on the other hand started 9 games and had 6 wins and 3 losses and was replaced in two games that went 1-1 by Fitzpatrick. Tua had the worst statistical season of his peers but one fact remains, Tua win/loss record was better than them all and I know what some of you will say….

But it was Miami’s defense and special teams that aided in many of Tua’s wins and that would be true but also keep in mind that Tua played within the system and did not lose Miami games by throwing INT’s and had only a few fumbles so he protected the ball and did not try to do too much, for a rookie I am ok with that….he threw for over 300 yards twice, came short with 296 against Cincinnati in week 13 and threw for 316 yards and 2 TD’s vs the Chiefs in week 14.

So, while some of you are shamelessly throwing this kid under the bus because he did not have the stats that his peers did, I bet his peers would take his games won over their losses every time!

So even though Tua did have an up and down season culminating in a 56-26 blowout against the Bills, I recall a game that the presumptive Rookie QB of the year had vs the Patriots on December 6th, 2020 where he/The team got beat 45-0 in what is for sure his worst game of the season, even worse than the 30-point defeat by Tua vs Buffalo.

So, stop with coveting what might be out there and realize we have a 22-year-old Rookie QB who had to deal with less talent and even the best players on Miami’s offense were in and out throughout the later part of the season giving Tua even less talented/experienced players to work with and still managed to win 6 games out of 9!

That is how I see this 2020 season for MY QB!

How about you?

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