Should Miami Draft Competition For Tua?

NFL Week 17: Pressure's on Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa
Patience Required!

After such a poor showing in the biggest game of the year one could reasonably ask should Miami draft a Top young QB to come in and compete with Tua?

I honestly am torn on the idea but I think back to Jimmy Johnson in Dallas who in 1989 Drafted Troy Aikman and also A few months later, in the NFL’s supplemental draft, Johnson drafted Steve Walsh, who played for Johnson at the University of Miami. Aikman won the starting quarterback job, and Walsh was traded early in the 1990 season. Wiki

I still feel Miami should first focus on upgrading the talent around Tua and give him a full off season of development to improve. I noted in an earlier article when I compared Josh Allen’s Rookie season to Tua’s Rookie season. Now that we have the final numbers let’s compare:

Josh Allen 2018 Rookie season stats: 12 starts, 320 Attempts, 169 completions with a 52.81 completion percentage, 2074 yards passing, 10 TD’s, 14 Int’s 28 sacks and a QBR of 67.9!

Tua Tagovailoa 2020 Rookie season: 10 starts (benched Twice), 290 attempts, 186 completions with a 64.1 % completion percentage, 1814 yards passing 11 TD’s, 5 Int’s 20 sacks and a QBR of 87.1!

Look at Josh Allen now 3 years later

That is why I am torn on how to handle Tua moving forward but one thing I know is that Miami’s GM Chris Grier and Head coach Brian Flores will do what is best for the team and I do not see them gifting Tua a job like we Did with Tannehill for 7 years. So, look for Miami to do things different than they did with Tannehill, like getting Tua the right pieces to help him be successful.

One thing I will not do is second guess Miami’s management as they have earned my trust moving forward after a successful 2020 campaign.

One thing I know is that nobody is more disappointed than Tua and I for one feel Miami made a mistake not having him throw the ball down field much earlier in the season as when they needed him to do it against the Bills he did not do well.

Tua will go into the offseason working hard and determined to improve his game and the Dolphins need to work just as hard to get him the help he needs on offense to succeed!

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