Julio Jones To Miami?

5 realistic trade destinations for Julio Jones this offseason

It is a very high possibility that Falcons star WR Julio Jones will be dawning a new uniform next season as the Falcons are rumored to be looking to trade their #1 WR. Atlanta is most likely to do what Miami did a year ago and start to rebuild from scratch, so they are rumored to be looking to trade some players and no bigger name than Julio Jones leads the list.

As is always the case the Dolphins are one of the teams some are speculating would/should be interested. Miami is most likely being mentioned because they are once again LOADED with both draft capital (2-1st & 2-2nd round 2021 draft picks) and Money (a reported 32 million dollars in cap space) to spend in free agency, last year they focused on the Defense in free agency they most likely will concentrate on offense this off season giving Tua some help and the Dolphins WR corps a needed upgrade.

So, should Miami pursue Julio Jones? If so, what will it take to get him? Is he the right fit for Miami?

The Dolphins have a good group of receivers but none of them except DeVante Parker would be a starter on any other team in the NFL IMO.

Lynn Bowden Jr. (Young Developmental WR), Isaiah Ford (was traded and brought back), Jakeem Grant Sr. (Best at Special Teams), Mack Hollins (Nice catch last week), Marcus Kemp (Young Developmental WR), Kirk Merritt (Young Developmental WR), DeVante Parker (Another season of injuries), Preston Williams (2nd season on I/R), Albert Wilson 28 years old (Opt-out), Allen Hurns 29 years old (Opt-out).

As you can see Miami needs to address the WR position so it is logical for some to think Julio Jones would/should be on the Dolphins radar this offseason.

I on the other hand would pass on Julio Jones and here is why…..

Julio is 31 years old and he currently just like DeVante Parker has missed quite a few games this year due to hamstring issues.

Miami is rebuilding as Atlanta so why would the Dolphins take a player the Falcons are willing to dump because they are rebuilding? The Dolphins need to be looking to surround Tua with young talented WR’s through the draft!

If Julio were 26 years old, I would gladly give up a draft pick for him (That is what the Falcons will be asking for) and pay him what he is due.

In 2019 Julio Jones signed a 3-year, $66,000,000 contract with the Atlanta Falcons, including a $25,000,000 signing bonus, $64,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $22,000,000. In 2020, Jones will earn a base salary of $11,200,000 and a signing bonus of $11,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $20,416,668 and a dead cap value of $58,966,668.

As much as I would love to have a talent like Julio on this team his age and salary is not worth taking on and Miami needs to add more youth and top talent through the draft to provide Tua with the help he needs.

Should Miami trade for Julio? Chime in, in the comment section!

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