From Respect To Fear!

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The Dolphins find themselves at a turning point in the Franchise history. I can recall in my lifetime when Miami lead by head coach Don Shula was a perennial playoff contender and 2-time SB winners back-to-back in 1972-1973 & 1973-1974 seasons. Shula was one of the greatest head coaches of all time and will remain the greatest head coach in Miami Dolphins history.

Shula was ahead of his time in the things he did and to see how he was adaptable when he drafted Dan Marino and created one of the most prolific passing attacks of their time.

Shula ruled with an iron fist and his players both loved and hated him but for many of them he made their careers and for the special still unmatched 1972 undefeated season a feat that will most likely never be repeated they will always be mentioned throughout time as the first if not only to do it!

The Dolphins after Shula retired went through the dark ages and when Marino Retired in 1999 who knew that 20 years would pass before the Dolphins would finally get back on track as a legitimate contender.

The Dolphins have accomplished this through finally getting things right when they turned full control of the team to GM Chris Grier who brought in Brian Flores and cleaned up Miami’s cap and traded some players that some questioned (Laremy Tunsil & Minkah Fitzpatrick) but the moves made has not hurt this team and in fact it has elevated this Dolphins team in just year two of their rebuild to one game away from the playoffs.

The Dolphins in 2020 has EARNED the respect of the league and despite 2nd guessing just about every move Miami have made by many, what they have done is working!

Brian Flores said this about the players they seek and have:

“We got a tough, mentally tough, physically tough, resilient group that knows how to deal with adversity, doesn’t go in the tank, keeps fighting, keeps working, keeps coming to work, good, bad, hot, raining, whatever, whatever the situation, whatever the situation is, these guys just work,” Flores said. “That’s one thing I know, every day that everyone’s going to work hard. I don’t take it for granted, but I know that that’s the case.”

The Dolphins will go into the offseason with plenty of ammo to add more young talent to a roster that now have less room for talent than they had in 2019. Still 2021 will see Miami not only have gained the respect and praise of the league I can see the Dolphins being feared even now I feel some teams do not want to see our Dolphins in the playoffs!

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