First Blowout Of The Year Season Over!!!!???

Season Over?

It was a successful 2020 season that came to an appropriate conclusion as Miami was knocked out of the playoffs by the Bills who are truly the better team. No excuses they won in a game that meant more to Miami to get into the playoffs than Buffalo who already clinched a spot in the playoffs. It was not even close! Buffalo 56, Miami 26 with 6 minutes go while writing this!

Many who were excited about drafting Tua are now hating on our young rookie QB and he did not play well again as his unwillingness to push the ball down the field is the most puzzling thing of all. Is it the coaching that has asked him to not pass the ball downfield or is Tua just too conservative?

All the things that went wrong that we thought we had solved propped up, defensively we could not stop Josh Allen who truly is a top QB in the league, offensively Tua has some maturation to go and I hope my fellow Dolphins fans realize that and not be so hard on the kid. Buffalo ran up the score and that should be remembered as they could have run the ball with a big lead but they kept passing the ball down field and ran up the score! That stings!

Miami was not going to the SB anyway so it would have been inevitable that they would exit the playoffs early. Now they have the offseason to let this bad feeling to fester and do what they need to catch up to the Bills who are good and earned the division title.

On the Brightside Miami won 10 games this year and was at the door of the playoffs in just year two of the rebuild. I enjoyed this season as the year 2020 was the worst year of my lifetime and the only thing that made the year survivable was the Dolphins and my strict adherence to the safety protocols for the virus.

Yes, I am disappointed in the loss, but I am also overjoyed to where this Dolphins team is headed as 2021 will be another battle to win the AFC East as we were just 3 games away from winning the division.

The Dolphins have plenty of capital to work with this offseason and I know they will use every bit to improve and be able to compete and win against the Bills who now is the one to catch as New England & the Jets start to rebuild.

I know for now many of you are disappointed or upset but when it settles is, I am sure you will all conclude that the Dolphins exceeded our expectations, and they will only get better this offseason. It is now time for full time off season continued rebuilding.

As of this writing Miami is not fully eliminated but they are on life support, as the Colts could lose against the Jags but after such a shellacking, I say let’s call it a season!

More off-season Building to do!

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