Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Future?

Winless Dolphins Hoping For Some FitzMagic In Game At Bills – CBS Miami

He has endeared himself to the Dolphin fan base ever since we signed him as a veteran free agent QB in 2019. He has put the team first despite dealing with the hurt having to take a backseat to the future a little sooner than many of us would have thought and despite coach Flores saying that the players who give Miami the best chance to win starts, the fact is Ryan Fitzpatrick gives the Dolphins the best chance to win because of his 17 years of experience in the league.

I still remember how devastated Ryan felt when informed that Tua would get the start in week 7, Ryan Fitzpatrick said on the benching: “My heart just hurt all day” … I was always under the assumption that Tua would start after Miami’s bye week and that is exactly what happened, if you recall Miami’s original Bye week was to be in week 11 but due to Covid the bye was moved to week 7.

Throughout all the ups and downs Ryan has accepted his role and has been a true TEAM PLAYER in how he has handled his situation in Miami, he’s been a true professional and a good mentor to our young Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa. He has played an invaluable role for this team and I am sure he still would rather be the starter than playing back-up/Pinch Hitter for Tua. After last Saturday’s miraculous victory over the Raiders, I am sure he is still hurting to have to come in and save the season only to go back to the bench.

So, the question is what will Ryan do at seasons end? Can Miami sign him to a extension? Do they want to? Does he want to return? Will he retire? So many questions and here is what I hope will happen.

Ryan’s contract ends this season, he signed a two year 11-million-dollar contract in 2019 that expires at seasons end making him an URFA in 2021. I want Ryan to come back and be our veteran backup QB and Miami should be willing to make him one of the highest paid backup QB’s in the league to compensate him for his true value and his unselfish sacrifice he has made this season.

Alex Smith was the highest paid back up QB at 16 million dollars until he was given the starting job November 9th, 2020. That price is not the norm and a better price would be somewhere around what Marcus Mariota of the Las Vegas Raiders makes $7.5 million.

If Ryan wants to continue to play, I feel Miami is the perfect place for him to end his career continuing in the role he currently has with the Dolphins. I also would have no problem if he were to be offered a role on the coaching staff as an assistant QB coach as he already is like a coach on the field.

Ryan also just might want to hang it up and retire after 16 years in the NFL and nobody can fault him if he does.

The offseason is fast approaching, this is one of the major decisions that the Dolphins will face at seasons end and hopefully it will work out that Fitzmagic is still a Dolphins player beyond the 2020 season.

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