Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders Review

Dolphins vs. Raiders final score, recap, and immediate reactions - The  Phinsider

Fitzmagic Miracle In Vegas!

It was a game to remember as the Dolphins who are in playoff mode found a way to pull off a miracle win in a situation that had a highly improbable percentage to win the game. They say it was a 99.9% chance that the Dolphins would lose that game this past Saturday night against the Raiders when Jon Gruden pinned the Dolphins deep on their side of the field with zero-time outs and 19 seconds to go!

Before we got to that situation, head coach Brian Flores (Who makes decisions that seem to always be at the right time and work out… The kind of decisions that if they do not work will be second guessed 100% of the time) once again pulled his struggling Rookie QB Tua Tagavailola out of the game to give his offense a “SPARK” as he says and brings in his Relief Pitcher (and veteran tutor of our rookie) QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

With just over 8 minutes left in the game Fitzpatrick immediately gets the offense moving as it had been stagnant the past 3 quarters under Tua who is still learning how to win in the NFL. By the end of the 3rd quarter, I was begging for HC Brian Flores to make a switch at QB because Tua was having another stinker game. With the very first drive Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the offense going and thanks to Miami’s Defense who once again kept this team in the game by bending but not breaking and holding the Raiders close enough for the Dolphins to pull this game out.

Fitzpatrick’s first drive ended in a field goal as he overthrew an open Mike Gesicki who ran a slant play in the endzone, one point to make is that WR Mack Hollins drops a pass in this drive that would have been a TD. At this point the game is tied 16-16.

The Raiders on their next possession scores a TD that would appear to put the game away as Derek Carr hits veteran receiver Nelson Agular for a 90 yard TD that puts the Raiders up 22-16 as their kicker missed the extra point.

In the next Dolphins possession with a little over 3 minutes left in the game Ryan Fitzpatrick hits RB Myles Gaskins in the slot and he shakes off a sure tackle and changes direction and runs the ball all the way into the endzone to put the Dolphins up 23-22 with just about 2:30 to go!

The Raiders offense was hard to stop and they got some help with a BAD CALL on a long pass from Derek Carr to Nelson Agular who was covered like a blanket by Byron Jones and the ref makes a ridiculous pass interference call that gave them 49 yards and put the Raiders on the Dolphins 12-yard line!

Raiders HC Jon Gruden makes the right call to run the clock down with just 1:55 left on the clock they decided to not score the TD but played to take the go-ahead Field goal and that is where we left off in the opening paragraph.

The Raiders decided to take as much time off the clock and kick the field goal and take the lead 25-22 with just 19 seconds to go!

Miami only had 19 seconds to go and with no time outs it looked bleak for our Dolphins and then the Fitzmagic Miracle in Vegas happens on a play that will be remembered as one of the most amazing plays just like the Dolphins miracle when they beat the Patriots to end the game a couple of years ago!

Time for some FitzMagic!

Ryan Fitzpatrick takes the snap and with a Raiders defender trying to decapitate Ryan (see photo up top) as he grabs Fitzpatrick’s facemask twisting his head completely around where he had to throw a “No-Look Pass” to the goat (Mack Hollins) who had dropped a TD pass on Fitz’s first drive of the game but who redeems himself by catching the 33 yards pass from Ryan and getting out of bounds! They also tacked on the 15-yard facemask penalty and the puts the Dolphins in range for our clutch kicker Jason Sanders (Also named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week) who nails the 44-yard field goal with 0 seconds on the clock to get the amazing win!

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