Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders Preview

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins Matchup Preview (12/26/20): Betting  Odds, Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

As of last week, the Playoffs started for Miami and they won vs the Patriots and eliminating any hopes they had of making the postseason and assuring them a losing season. How appropriate for the team that gave the Patriots a headache throughout their dynasty and as far as AFC East opponents the Dolphins have been the biggest thorn in their sides. Good Riddance New England enjoy looking up in the division and get used to it as Buffalo and Miami are the teams to beat in the AFC East! Hopefully, New England can do us one more favor and beat Buffalo Monday Night!

The Dolphins cannot clinch a playoff berth in Week 16 as they are in a virtual tie with the Ravens for the final AFC playoff spot. They have zero margin for error as the Ravens have an incredibly easy closing stretch in relation to what Miami have.

Miami faces another DANGEROUS opponent today in the Las Vegas Raiders who are not officially out of the playoffs, but they have a slim to none chance to make it IMO. Hopefully, the Dolphins can put them out of their misery later today!

It will not be easy; the Raiders can make the Dolphins hopes a lot more difficult should they beat the Dolphins today and I cannot help but think of how the Bronco’s a few weeks back took Miami to the woodshed and upset/beat down our Dolphins. I like many of my fellow Dol-Fans am nervous about this game and a win would sure do a lot to ease my anxiety, but I once again have a bad feeling about this game.

I feel the Dolphins are playing with house money from this point forward as they have exceeded my and many folks’ expectations and yes, I am hoping we make the playoffs as this would be huge for this young team! If they do not make it will also be huge as they will be that much hungrier next season, so no matter what they are in a win/win situation!

On to the matchup

The Opponent

Miami @ Las Vegas

  • Where: Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV
  • When: Saturday, December 26
  • Time:  8:15 pm ET
  • Point Spread: Miami -3
  • O/U 47.5
  • TV: NFL Network

On to the match ups 

The matchup: on Offense

The Las Vegas Raiders are ranked 12th in total offense averaging 375 yards per game on offense, scoring 26.9 points a game while Miami ranks 26th on offense averaging 327.6 yards per game on offense, scoring 25.1 points per game 16th in the league in scoring offense.

The matchup: on Defense

The Las Vegas Raiders defense is ranked 24th in total defense and is giving up on average 385.4 yards per game and allowing 30.1 points per game, while Miami is ranked 18th in total defense (Same as last week) giving up on average 358.1 yards per game 18.4 points per game (Best in the league).

The Strategy: 

For the Dolphins:

Wash, Rinse & Repeat is what we can ask from this Defense that has been the catalyst towards our wins as they have been consistently playing at a high level and have now proven to be the best in the league in points allowed at just 18.4 points per game.

Miami needs to continue to put pressure on the Raiders O-Line and force their QB to make mistakes as they put pressure on him and either get sacks, fumbles or throw interceptions.

Even though Gruden tried to make it a mystery I find it hard to believe that Carr will get the start and that will make the much more mobile Marcus Mariota the QB they will face and having just played a mobile QB for the Patriots and containing him hopefully they will have the same success against the Raider.

On offense Miami just needs Tua to continue to not make mistakes and keep sustaining drives and getting in the endzone. It would be nice if this offense can get going early in the game as they struggled last week not even scoring in the first half despite the defense putting the offense in positions to do so. They did however make iot up in the 2nd half but that will not work every week.

For The Raiders:

The Raiders need to score points because their Defense is allowing 30 point per game and even though Miami’s rookie QB has had his struggles he is improving week to week and he can put up some good numbers. Offensively they need to avoid turnovers and block well as the Dolphins Defense can bring the pressure

and force turnovers, they bend but not break when it comes to keeping opponents out of the endzone.

They have the weapons on offense to do damage it is just a matter of giving their QB time to make plays. They should try and test Miami’s run defense which at times have been their weakness and with their TE being a beast they should find ways to get him the ball. A big game by Darren Waller could spell doom for Miami!

My Take:

This is another game that concerns me, as the Raiders can win this game it is not some cake walk for our Dolphins. But I trust our Defense (Lets Eat) to make the plays needed to get the ball in Tua’s hands and I feel Tua will be hyped up to play against his hometown hero and idle Marcus Mariota who I feel will get the start over Carr.

Miami was able to run the ball last week better than they have in years and putting up 250 rushing should embolden them to continue to run the ball and play off that success. Miami have a RB by committee that is pretty good and if they can repeat their efforts from last week they should win the game.


Computer Pick: Miami 28, Las Vegas 26

TDS Pick: Miami 30, Las Vegas 17 (My Homer Pick)

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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