New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins Review

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We Found Our Running Game?

The Dolphins officially eliminated the Patriots from playoff contention with their 22-12 victory over the Patriots this past Sunday, in a win that just about mirrored the Dolphins loss to the Patriots in week one when the Patriots ran the ball for over 200 yards (217) and beat Miami 21-11.

This time it was Miami that did something that has been a long time in coming, they ran the ball successfully for 250 yards and rookie RB Salvon Ahmed contributed 122 rushing yards alone! Unfortunately, it was against one of the worst run defenses in the league as New England has given up 436 yards and 4 TDs the past two games, alone.

Credit great game planning by OC Chan Gailey and excellent execution by the Dolphins young offensive line who manhandled the Patriots Defensive line. The Dolphins running backs Salvon Ahmed and Matt Breida had a great day running and Matt Breida ran the best, he averaged 7.2 YPC on 12 attempts for 86 yards rushing! That 250 yards rushing was Miami’s best rushing game since the 2016 season when they ran for 261 yards against the Bills in Buffalo.

The difference this time around was Miami stopped the Pats leading rusher in game one of the season Cam Newton who ran for 75 yards and 2 TD’s against Miami in week one but had zero TD’s in this game (rushing or Passing)! It was our Rookie QB Tua Tagavailola who had 2 rushing TD’s!

The Dolphins defense (Who had film on New England) did not allow Cam Newton to run amuck over them as he had only 38 yards rushing this past Sunday. If you stop the run, you will beat the Patriots as Cam Newton’s accuracy is suspect and their passing game a non-threat. As been the case all season long Miami’s defense played extremely well limiting the Patriots offense to field goals only!

How The Game Played Out

New England started the game as Miami deferred and the Patriots drove the ball just past the 50 yard-line when their drive stalled, and they punted the ball and did a great job on special teams downing the ball on Miami’s 3-yard line to start from. Tua did a great job driving the ball from their 3-yard line 15 plays down the field to the Patriots 3-yard line with both run and pass plays that was well executed.

Unfortunately, it all went to waste as Tua upon being hit on a pass play that he could have most likely taken a sack or run and scored threw an interception in the endzone that killed the long drive and the Dolphins ended up with zero points at the end of the first quarter.

The Patriots take over at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and drives the ball down the field to the Dolphins 27-yard line and stalls and kicks the 45-yard field Goal to take the lead. New England 3, Miami 0

Miami stalls out on their next possession and punt the ball back to the Patriots who once again drive the ball down and got within field goal range and on a play that appeared to be a turnover by QB Cam Newton who had the ball punched out by rookie Brandon Jones as he was being pushed out of bounds and the ball was picked up by Xavien Howard and ran back for a TD only to be called back as the replay showed DT Christain Wilkins touched the ball while he was out of bounds making it dead and still the Patriots ball on the 18 yard line. New England proceeds to kick the field goal adding to their lead. New England 6, Miami 0

Miami gets the ball back with a little over 4 minutes in the half and Tua drive the Dolphins down to get within our reliable kickers Jason Sanders range (52 yards) but the kick just misses wide left and they go into Half-Time with the score New England 6, Miami 0

Miami gets the ball to start the 3rd quarter and they seem to have woken up as they drive the ball down and on a one-yard run by RB Salvon Ahmed Miami gets their first score and takes the lead Miami 7, New England 6

The Patriots get the ball and proceeds to turn it over as WR Jakobi Meyers fumbles the ball after catching a pass from Cam Newton on their 48 yard-line it was knocked out of his hands by Xavien Howard. Miami gets the ball back and stalls again and this time they try a trick play as punter Matt Haack passing out of the punt formation 14 yards to Kamu Grugier-Hill that was negated a second time in three weeks due to a player not reporting as eligible. (If you have a designated number that is considered ineligible you must report as an eligible receiver if you line up at certain spots along the line) I love the efforts on special teams and when the correct those mistakes it will be exciting to see plays like those count!

The Patriots get the ball back and once again fails to reach the endzone and settles for a field-goal and goes up by 2 points New England 9, Miami 7.

Miami gets the ball and Tua goes to work on another long drive (14 plays) helped mostly by the RB’s who kept the chains moving with some excellent blocking by the TE’s, WR’s and Offensive line! Miami drives the ball 80 yards and on a play that was very similar to a play in the first quarter where Tua threw his first INT of the game when in hindsight he should have run or taken a sack, he learns from that mistake and this time he runs the ball and scores his first rushing TD of the game! Miami is another nifty play they ran scores on the 2-point conversion puts the Dolphins up Miami 15, New England 9

The Patriots once again drives the ball down the field stalls and kicks their 4th field goal of the game a 42-yard kick that splits the uprights! Miami 15, New England 12

The Dolphins get the ball and like they have all day they drive the ball down the field as the RB’s carry the load and delivers on this drive as well as the TE’s who also have a good day blocking and catching the ball Tua drive the offense down the field and once again on the goal line he runs the ball in for his 2nd rushing TD of the game putting Miami up Miami 22, New England 12 the final sore of the game.


The Dolphins entered the game without their leading TE (Mike Gasicki) and Top 2 WR’s (Parker and Grant) as well as their Top RB (Miles Gaskins) but this team continues to not only preach the “Next Man Up” mentality, but they live it! Players like RB’s Salvon Ahmed and Matt Breida as well as TE’s Durham Smythe and Adam Shaheen and WR’s Isaiah Ford and Rookie WR Lynn Bowden Jr. all played roles in getting this offense a win and of course Miami’s defense not allowing a TD in the game on 4 field goal made is why this team is so special and is just starting to get to know their abilities as there is room for growth!

Great win Miami!!!!

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